Shipping enquiry

Hi everyone! Just a quick question, every time I purchased something here on Lovehoney I have always had the Priority Air Mail shipping for free, now that I'm trying to make a purchase it tells me it's £2.50. Just to make sure that everything is fine and that it's not a system error does it result to you as well?

Thanks to anyone who will hwlp me!

Have you spent more this time than ussual, free shipping is usually after you spend over a certain amount

It can sometimes depend on what's in ur basket too.. If ur purchasing a crop or later item u can be charged too.. Ur best off contacting live chat :) if it is a large item let them know as that will save confusion x

Thank you guys! Actually Young and fun95 was right! I never realized that I had always spent more than $10 and taht's the reason why the shipping was free of charge, I'm going to have to add a little something to my basket :D Just the incentive that I neede! ahha