Hi Lovely Lovehoney peoples,

I have just gone to place an order and seen that the only option now is for Interlink Express :( I was a massive fan of you using royal mail as the posties would either leave my parcels or take them to nearby sorting office for collection. With couriers it is always a nightmare trying to get parcels if you miss them the first time.

Is this a permanent change or a trial? It will put me off using lovehoney I'm afraid to say :(

Interlink Express is only used for larger items. Royal Mail is still used for everything else :)

Best of asking live chat or emailing, you'll get a quicker answer off LH support

It might be because of something you are buying somethings like spreader bars are too long and bulky to be sent via Royal Mail

Hi itsukzi, LH do still use Royal Mail for their deliveries. As Delilah said, Interlink is used for larger items. Have a look at this link below :) x

Thanks guys, removed riding crop and Royal Mail was restored :) Phew! x

I do think it's strange that they send crops in a massive box twice the size of the actual item, doesn't make sense to me. Surely there is a cheaper way to send it than that.

Funny that you talked about that, because I was seriously considering buying a crop which I have been sighing for a while but when I was verifying my total I almost had an heart attack (joking) as it was aproximately more 12 euros in total! That's almost as much as the crop itself.

Now I am not saying that it isn't required or that there is another viable option for LH, but it's so expensive. I guess I will wait and save a little more, or maybe if I receive some money on my birthday or Christmas I'll get it if there isn't any other more important thing to pay. Otherwise I'll give up and just buy a flogger, as I'd rather spend that money on a more expensive item rather than on shipping expenses. Not complaining though, I'm very grateful to the free shipping anyway regarding the rest of "normal" purchases. :3

That's strange. All
Three riding crops I have had delivered came via Royal Mail. They mush have been slightly shorter in lengh