Shoes with lingerie

We buy or should I say I buy a lot from here ranging from toys to lingerie and bought the Mrs some really lovely items where she looks fantastic and I said one night that she needs some shoes to go with outfits and she told me to buy some then. Few weeks past and she said that I still haven't bought her any. Where the hell do I look online for sexy shoes? She's a size 5 but not a clue where to start. Any help gratefully received.

Do you know what sort of shoe you want to get her? 

Google should bring up lots of results if you search there. 

Personally, I love Pleaser / Bordello shoes and they can be found at many retailers. 

Yep, Jess has you covered with her advice. X

What constitutes a sexy shoe to you? Platforms are quite in at the moment and the ones I wear to play are just from the high street.

I love Miss K G Heels, the only heels that I can wear all day if need be! Really sexy and for me a great fit 😍👠

I'm a shoe fanatic with many pairs that are impossible to walk in but they're not made for walking. It's the one time I can wear 6" heels and not get a complex over me towering over my husband. My favourites are Iron Fist and Irregular Choice as they are unusual.

My wife and I are buying high-heeled shoes that seem sexy and suitable for play in the bedroom. These are the shoes that you can buy at any better store that sells women's footwear (some shoes that we own are from well-known manufacturers ), and these shoes are only used for play in the bedroom . Of course , you can buy the shoes on the web that are made just for this purpose, as Jess said.

My OH loves Pleaser shoes too, she love heels, the higher the better! To be honest because of her I have a serious heel fetish too! On her that is! Pleaser do 6inch/Non Platform heels that look awesome which we love! Great for the bedroom look!
We get ours from from one particular website, think it's against house rules to say who but if I said the first word was a yellow curved fruit and then add shoes that might give you a clue! And hopefully not get me in trouble! 😂😂😂
Have fun!!

Most of my "sexy" shoes are just something with a little extra from the department store LOL

I love Nina, Fergie and Jessica Simpson. Not sure how low they go down in size and I am in the US so not familiar with the brands that may be more popular over there. But there are a LOT of wonderful online shoe sources.

Try New Look online they have some sexy platforms at bargain prices ....

Agree new look have so very high heels at great prices