Silicone allergy?

So lately i've been noticing the day after masturbating my vulva is incredibly itchy, sometimes with very painful lumps. If i scratch even lightly the itch becomes a burning sation. This lasts a day or to then ettles down, but flares up each time i masturbate. I've been using a silicone vibe, and i'm starting to think i have some sort of sensitivity to it. I clean the toys before and after use with the same soap i use on my body so it's not that.

You might be fight. Try an alternative, glass dildo, PVC vibrator. Alternatively if you love your current toy, try putting a condom on it.

It sounds like a reaction. Our skin in these areas is very delicate so maybe it's just not the material for you. I agree with the condom solution if you love this toy.

I'd just like to add, body soaps can be seriously damaging to sex toys. They can actually do a lot more harm than good. Lovehoney have a really good selection of sex toy cleaners, which I would recommended a hundred times over body soap.

Could it be the type of lube you are using? x

I would also look into the lube. Do you use waterbased lube with glycerin and parabens? In my case, I m very sensitive to those and I get itchy feeling every time I would use it, which is why I dont use them... And I noticed you do have in your reviews some, which contain glycerine.

I don't use lube at all, and it's not friction as i don't move it around.

Soap for your body is not good for inside your body, one that doesn't cause a reaction externally can absolutely cause that intense burning, itching irration on your sensitive lady parts. Maybe try washing without the soap just in case it's a simple case of soap residue irritating you?

Have you used any other silicone toys? Is that silicone toy draggy at all? It could be worth using a bit of lube for insertion just in case the friction from inserting the toy is enough to irritate you.

I hope it's not a silicone sensitivity, that would suck! :(

Some soaps I know may be okayish for most body parts but using them on the intimate areas (or on objects you use intimately) may be very, very unadviseable (mucous membranes inside your vagina are much more delicate than your skin, and it has a specific pH most soaps don't agree with), particularly when you use them for a prolonged time. Last summer I had a rather magnificent reaction to Dettol bar soap - I was told to use antibacterial soap before my surgery and also during the first days post-op. Wishing to stay as clean as possible I kept on scrubbing myself with it for a few weeks - until I developed a rather magnificent, itchy rash...

it could be something in the particular type of silicone they used for that toy rather than all silicone toys. probably best to try some differnt materials and see what happens

As Dali 256 says. Back in 2011 (the only study I have) ├ľkotest found too high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and dibutyltin/tributyltin (too high for what the magazine considers safe) even in JeJoue Mimi, Lelo Tiani and WeVibe 3. Heaven knows what happens when a company tries to cut costs and starts mixing materials...

If you want to know for sure you'll have to find a lab and get your toy analyzed (maybe try to find other people with the same problem from the same toy?) Alternatively you could throw it out and try something else from another company. Or, as a last resort, use it with a condom.

By the way, am I really the only person here who is not at all worried about residues of cleaning products on my toys? That's what rinsing off is for! (Which is why toys need to be waterproof - or so cheap I dare wash around the holes - and seam-free). If I weren't confident that I can clean things - residue-free - I wouldn't dare eat anything with my cutlery from my dishes ;)

And I've just discovered (on a strip of litmus paper) that my cheap handwash lotion seems to have a pH of 5.5 of thereabouts, which is the pH of human skin (outside - does anybody know the pH of inside the vagina?)