Silicone and Oil based lubricant recommendations

Hello all,

Unfortunately Love Honey no longer sell my favourite brand of silicone lubricant (WET) and my foray into ID millennium didn't quite cut the mustard (thicker, not as long lasting).

Does anyone have any particular recommendations for silicone lubes? I was looking at Pjure for women. I like a THIN slick long lasting lube, it's got to be long lasting and in no way sticky.

Also interested in trying out an oil based lube like YES! Has anyone got any feedback? Same criteria as above, I remember loving the feel of stroke 29 on my ex but can't use vaginally because of the glycerin. Not using condoms or toys (sigh, vanilla partner) so compatibility isn't an issue.


For an oil-based lubricant that's vagina friendly and glycerin free, I'd definitely recommend the Yes brand. I wasn't too keen on it, but I don't really like the greasy feel of oil-based products. It is highly recommended by others though.

As for silicone, Pjur is one of the best brands to go for. I like the Original and the Woman versions. I'd say the Woman variety is ever so slightly thinner but it's quite hard to tell the difference

Me and my OH use the Lubido Water-Based Intimate Lubricate

Thanks NatandTom, you're confirming my thoughts!

Thanks English Bombshell but I can't stand water based lube, I find it dries out far to quickly

cassiandra wrote:

Thanks English Bombshell but I can't stand water based lube, I find it dries out far to quickly

If it dries out, sprinkle a bit water on and you'll find it goes back to a slippery texture? Replace what it's lost.

Hey cassiandra

For me, my go to is either Lovehoney Slick or Sliquid Silver. Sliquid Silver is a little thinner than the Lovehoney one, so you may prefer that one :) 

I don't really rate oil-based lube as it's not very good for internal use. Coconut oil is ok, but all-in-all, it's always best to keep oil-based proucts to external play.