Since I can't review this properly...

I bought collar from Anne Summers recently and thought I'd give it a quick review over here just to get my hand in at the whole reviewing lark.

This is the product in question:

From my point of view the product was very nice aethetically. It was also simple to fasten and the strap had a wide enough variety of holes that it was easy to find one that fit my partner well. The leather is also fairly soft so making your own holes wouldnt be an issue. The ring at the front wasn't huge but would easily be large enough for a leash or chain as well as a variety of other accessories.

The collar was, according to my partner, comfortable and easy to wear. I haven't really applied any pressure to it so cant say whether it remains comfortable if you are being pulled around, but the strap is fairly wide so it should be ok.

All in all a very nice basic piece of bondage kit - it will be a staple of our games for some time to come I think!

Best bit: Very nice to look at and comfortable. Generally easy to use.

Worst bit: Nothing really, not a huge fan of the padlock though.

Overall: Not to try and tempt anyone away from Love Honey - but this is a very nice bit of kit, and reasonably priced too!

4.5/5 - the only donwside for me being the padlock - which i cant remove short of cutting through one or the other. Very minor detail though.

Well at least I know what it looks like now! I didnt see it the whole time :P

To tempt you back to LH - at only 3x the price (I'd say an absolute bargain for the quality) this leather and suede collar is amazing! A rare 5 star review from me!


Are there no LH products you can review? Condoms, lubes etc? Might have something that can go live.

@WandA: got a fair few products waiting but I need to get back to Uni and the OH first! Expect to see a few more from me pretty soon!