since we have discovered D/s i want sex all the time :D

since i suggested to my fiance about sub and dom sex i want sex all the time hahah its great :) does anybody have any good suggestions on what toys and things are best ina sub dom relationship :)

There's lots of toys that are good, whips, restraints, dildos, depends on the dynamics of the d/s relationship.

If it's about punishment then you're looking at floggers, whips, crops etc.

If it's about humiliation you might be looking more towards toys he can control when you're in public or make you wear in public, like remote control eggs or butt plugs etc.

If it's about loss of control and restraint then you're probably leaning more towards bondage rope and/or tape, restraints, handcuffs, spreader bars etc.

A few of these probably cross over in categories, and mainly that is the dildos/vibrators section. No matter what style of play you have it will eventually end in climax/orgasm for you both (well, in most cases). So any toy you think you'll enjoy is good for that situation. You can use vibrators and dildos, butt plugs and anal beads, nipple clamps and cock rings, anything and everything. Is this department I'd probably recommend a bullet vibrator and the use of any/all toys you already own. If you're prepared to go on a spending spree I'd say buy stuff you want to use, that intruiges you and your partner, things you're comfortable using together.

The main thing about a d/s relationship is safety and breaking down barriers. Without safe words you won't feel safe enough to let him break down the barriers. You have to let him push you.

Maybe make a wishlist of items on here, for any and all types of play, then send it him and tell him to buy whatever he likes and that, if you both like them, you can continue making regular purchases.


hahahaha... that's great for you...