sissymaid? help!

Well I'm having a jolly time of it being the dominatrix with my rather beautifully endowed slave...but now he wants to be my sissymaid - to have a female name, wear girly undies etc??? hmmm not sure where to go with this; he's straight, I'm straight and not sure I'd handle him as a female. Any experience/ideas? thanks x

We're a bit tied up at the moment....but will get back to you!!! Ha Ha!!

Sorry, we will be serious now. This is Mrs N - I have never ever experienced anything like this and to be honest the whole dominatrix thing does not appeal to me but hey each to his own and I (we) are not here to judge any one.

If I were you I would be feeling extremely unsettled by his admission of wanting to wear girlie knickers. If Mr N ever suggested this my view of him would radically change. In my eyes Mr N is extremely manly and I would question my ability to judge his real personality and feel maybe he'd been hiding something from me. Perhaps it's just personal to me but it is very important for my man to be manly. To see your man dressed in female bits and bobs may seriously alter the way you look at him as a man in the future and fear he already may have opened 'Pandora's Box' (fnarr, fnarr - Mr N) from which there is no way back.

Female to female, this is a really difficult situation to be in and I wish you lots of luck sorting this out in your head and indeed with your man too.

Well, from what I know about sissymaids, there's nothing sexual involved in the services they do. So while your hubby may want to dress up and be bossed around as your maid, he may not want you to have sex with him in these situations.

I'm the same as Mrs N, I like my men manly - but if my boyfriend decided he wanted to dress up in stockings and suspenders and do the chores while I sat with a cup of tea and bossed him around, I'd have no problem with it! Especially if I knew it was giving him pleasure.

I say try it - you never know how you feel about it until you do. Just make it clear that you're not entirely comfortable with it, and if it creeps you out, it has to stop.

An alternative, if you find it's too much for you? I imagine there's hundreds of people out there looking for a beautifully endowed slave to be their sissymaid - and like I say, there doesn't have to be sex involved, just dressing up and a little power play.

Maybe try it with less femal looking clothing to see if you'd be ok- girls boxers and over the knee socks or something. Then if you're weirded out stop, if not step it up a bit more until he's in the full on corset outfits.

It's not soemthing I've ever come across. And I think I'd laugh if they bloke ever tried it. (The bloke in question being currently passed out on the sofa, a week or sos beard grown on his chin, hands on his crotch and occassionally snorting as he turns over...)

Hmmm - interesting one! Old thread too, so I'm wondering how things have gone for you lovebutton (if you're still here)

It's a bit of a difficult situation for me to empathise with because I'm a pretty masculine, outdoors type, stubbly chinned boys toys, maximum power ( Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor) sort of guy. Okay I might be bi-curious but not in a feminine way.

My take on the above situation is that I find it difficult to believe there's nothing sexual going on. Even if he denies it, I'd be willing to bet that, sexually, this guy is aroused by the thought/act of dressing up and being treated as a woman. Obviously he already enjoys the bondage side and I reckon it's more likely he'd want to progress at some point to full cross dressing too. I'd be surprised if he is indeed entirely straight.

If I were you I'd have an open and honest discussion with him to find out the extent of his interests and fantasies. See how that makes you both feel before you start doing anything new that you're not entirely happy with.

I have a miads outfit, but hate wearing it. MIstress uses it on me as a puncihment to do the cleaning when i've been bad. As for the knicker thing, that to is only used to for humilliation purposes. She made me wear a pair of hers out one night and threatened to tell her friends about it if I didn't act as waiter all night and ge tthe drinks. All of her friends though I was just being really nice!

lovebutton wrote:

Well I'm having a jolly time of it being the dominatrix with my rather beautifully endowed slave...but now he wants to be my sissymaid - to have a female name, wear girly undies etc??? hmmm not sure where to go with this; he's straight, I'm straight and not sure I'd handle him as a female. Any experience/ideas? thanks x

Heh, if my experience is anything to go by, most sissymaids don't look anything like women. :p I think that in many cases, the sissymaid thing is more about humiliation than it is about gender play. Because otherwise I think a larger number of sissymaids would care a great deal more about appearing like an actual woman, instead of as a parody of one.

Having said that, I would just love to see more sissymaids dressed in clothes which suited them, instead of the badly-fitting vileness which is mostly what I come across. Sometimes I put kvetch in some stretchy, sort of boyshort women's knickers. He's such a beautifully shaped masculine man! I feel that those knickers really enhance his masculinity a lot, possibly by drawing attention to the contrast between the feminine knickers and his own shape. Those knickers show off his arse to perfection! He always gets lots of compliments when he wears them out to kink events, even from people who don't kink on feminisation.

Makes me so proud. :)

I think the sissymaid kink is quite a large one to spring on a partner all of a sudden. I'd be interested to know how this turned out.

Really, the parts of being a sissy guys like are the humiliation and the control, being given orders etc. Now he may also want to be fucked with a strap on say.

Even if a guy wants to be a sissy from time to time, he can still be 100% masculine the rest of the time and no one else need ever know.

Well, I used to do some things online for a guy who wanted to be a sissy because his wife wouldn't do anything like that with him. I'd say if you're not sure about it, start small, call him by a woman's name, get him to wear women's underwear, maybe read some articles about it? I haven't googled it and don't want to, but you might find something interesting or helpful.

I mean, to be honest, you're already half way there because you're in the dominant role and "traditionally" the dominant role belongs to the male. You could always start small with a little anal play and maybe work your way up to a strap on. He basically just wants you to do as you've been doing, but for him to be in the role of a woman instead of a man, so you're basically talking crossdressing. And depending on whether he wants you to keep a the persona of a domme, or take on more masculinity (with a strap on)

I'd say get him some underwear, like lace knickers and a bra, or a babydoll or something, see how you both feel about it and take it slow from there, but I'm not into the whole lifestyle thing so I'm probably not the best person to dish out advice.

It works out fine for us, after she saw how excited it got me (and how all the housewrok got done) she started to love it :) Since its started its got better and better, she makes be Dolly now and we have moved on to some serious gender swapping play (strapon) but its entirely up to you how far you go.

But its not 24/7 thats the main thing, its like sex itself you cant have that 24/7 so in a similar fashion the sissy maid thing is only for certain times. Like I say it suits us, but it is entirely up to you BOTH what your preferances are. Start small and if you dont like it, then tell him, dont go through with making yourself do things your not comforable with. Hope this helps.

Dolly xxxxxxx