sizes for men in women underwear

Hi, can you please help me. I'm a man who wants to dress in female underwear and costumes (my wife wants to see me in them as well). But I have problems in knowing which size I should use.

I'm 185 cm tall and my weight is 75 kilos, quite long legs.

When it comes to panties I can wear the same size as my wife - medium. For skirts one size bigger - large.

But what about costumes like maid and Alice? Should it be XL1, 2 or 3?

The same with baby dolls.

And stockings and stay ups?

Would really appreciate some advice.

On a lot of the costumes and lingerie they have a size chart if you scroll down the page. This has measurements so you can see which size will fit best :)

thanks, I'll check it

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The size you need will depend on so many things from manufacturer to material used. Use the more accurate measurement as said by delilahxx as a better guide than medium or large etc. Remember you can make use of Love Honey's amazing 365 day return, even if you change your mind.

kitty x

Trust me, even us women find it hard to get the right sizing in clothes and underwear as differnt brands have differnt fits, some are more generous than others too. Just as an example i can fit in a size 16 cami from primark but can struggle to fit in a size 22 shirt in matalan, despite being a "size 18". A good tape measure and the specific brand sizing chart is what you want, dress shirts are hardest size wise though as they tend to have pulled in waists and too much room in the breast the bigger the shirt size.

Thank you so much for your advice. Obviously it isn't easy to find the right one. I wish Lovehoney could come up with a range of sexy feminine clothing for men, I believe there is a market for it.

Try, they lingerie designed especially for men.

Like most I find sizes varies according to quality & style of item.

When I buy my mini skirts they vary between size 12 - 16.

Stockings normally small to medium, just try some cheap ones from supermarket to find the right size & what feels comfy.

Knickers are the same, 12 - 16.

I don't buy dresses as Homer in a dress doesn't look pretty, lol.., in my opinion not great

I usually get my stuff from Next, New Look, M&S & if the Mrs can't come shopping then I use the Internet

Hope you find your sizes.

I've got some womens size 10 jeans, I'm a 32" waist, they fit really well but still need to use a belt to pull in the back waist line.