Sizing advice for my pear shaped lady

I recently purchased this lovely item for my wife

and after an awful lot of struggling we got her in, however the problem we then discovered was that due to the cut of the corset and her measurements no matter where you stood you could see her t!ts!

My wife has 34b boobies a small waist and big hips, could any other ladies give any advice on a similar product and or suitable sizing to try as I fear we will have to send this one back - which is a shame as it is a beautiful piece. Sorry Lovehoney :-(

What size did you buy ?

LH have a great returns policy you could always exchange it for another size. Did you measure before buying ?

The medium we consulted the guide on the product listing, any smaller wont fit her hips as they are quite wide any larger and she'll need a bra under it!

Hi luvved up, I've just had a quick check on the LH Guide to Lingerie: and it seems that you need to buy chemises and babydolls to flatter your wife's body shape. However, if she has big hips and a tiny waist, she is more likely to be an "hourglass" shape than a "pear" and you should be browsing the basques and corsets section instead. Have a good look through LH's range and decide on something that will both flatter and make your heart flutter :) Good luck!

Hey luvved up cupple

Sorry to hear the corset didn't quite fit, make sure you send it back for an exchange or refund :)

Buying corsets can be tricky. I would recommend your wife takes measurements of her waist, bust, hips and length (from her armpit to her hips (where she'd like the corset to finish) and then have a chat with our customer care team about any corsets you're interested in. We can check the measurements before we send you order :)

If the problem is that her boobs are peaking out of the top of the corset, she may find a longline corset is a better fit. How tall is she?

She also needs to consider how much of a gap she'd like at the back of the corset. A corset should also be tied from the middle so it pulls in at her slimmest point, and relaxes over her hips and bust. (it can make ALL the difference to the way it fits!)

Hi Jess it's not so much boobs peeking out the top more corset not supporting them giving a gap which if she were to wear it out she could fit her purse, phone, keys, handbag.... Ok maybe not that much but you get the idea.