i CANNOT be the only person who does not not know how to work skype ??? please ?? gentle tutorials anyone > as in : speak to m e as if im 4 !!! im supposedly in reciept of a couplea few skype contacts now , but whenever i log on all i get is the home page an cant et past it ???? oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyy *sigh*

when you sign in normally they are ther eif any box has a orange dot or lit up it could be found after clicking there?

Are you talking about the page that loads on your internet browser? I have skype opening each time i switch on my computer and it sits on the task bar.

i figured it out after an AGE !!!!! oh my days , im not made for the modern world at all .. bring back carrier pigeons please !!!!

Haha, I'm the same ruby! I've used Skype for years but every time someone adds me I can't remember how to find where to accept them! Also takes me ages every time to update my profile, find people etc... I don't think it's well designed... Or I'm stupid!

LOL Bless ya Ruby, atleast you've got it all sorted out now hun!

I spent 45mins on the phone trying to explain it all to my grandad, then another 20 getting him to download teamviewer so I could just show him! lol

I used msn chat hotmail for years and have now neeb forced to change to skype

I hate it

it seems slow clumsy and ....... remote where as chat was instant and gave you more confidence

and you felt you where almost talking to some one , i've gone back to texting most now

IM NOT KEEN ,but it will suffice i spose :)