I'm new around here but from as far as i can tell everyone is very welcoming :)

I have set up skype, but I have no idea how to add people.

You're not allowed to post email addresses on here

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I used to have Skype.

But I had no one on my friends list. I decided that was probably going to hinder me.

Having said that, maybe I'll set it up again just so I can talk to you :-D

ive never used it any good ?

If you want to add someone on skype, you will need to know their name (ideally skype one, easiest to search) or email address. Then go to contacts and there is option to add contact. you search there, find the person and send them request to add them into your contacts.

Or you can click on the button with the person and sign +

it will be up to them if they approve the request.

Well, it depends. If you have other means contacting people, it may not be. But I have skype and use it very regularly. Free calls between contacts via Skype come handy if you have friends living in another country. But some people like another service more.

As skype is free, you may choose to test it and see for yourself. The good thing is that it is available accross platforms.

what other service ?

Hangouts/gmail can also be used to call people.

iOS devices have facetime.

I am sure there are other out there, I came accross several over time, but did not try them and cannot recall their names.

Skype has basiclly merged with Hotmail now, so if you had a MSN messenger account all your contacts are transfered from that to Skype (if i recall anyway, never had a msn account).

As for other video callers there the ones Laveila has mention and ive started using Viber which is a free messanging/calling app.