Slag era

Right firstly I apologise in advance this is a long post but idc :unamused::upside_down_face: over the last couple of months I have been going through my “slag era”or whatever you want to call it until a few months ago I wasn’t that bothered about sex at all really until I randomly just felt sexual and a lot more horny etc etc but the main bit of this post is I am in a “FWB” kind of relationship but also I have arranged to have sex with another guy this week. I have asked my “fwb” if he would have a threesome with this other guy but he’s said no as he doesn’t want to even be around another dick which is fine but should I feel bad for potentially meeting another guy? Any advice is appreciated


I don’t think you should feel bad about it. The “FWB” is aware that you are not exclusive and is now obvs aware that another guy could be in the picture, so why not? You be you! Use protection if you decide to have multiple partners but don’t call yourself a “Slag” there’s nothing wrong with being adventurous.
Some people will disagree but you should be able to do what and who you want it is after all 2024 :grin:
Be carefull, have fun and enjoy yourself as long as no one gets hurt you’ll be good

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Feeling somewhat bad in that situation is typical and expected. However, you did inform your FWB & even asked if he wanted to join. Above & beyond for this day & age. Go have fun. If the bad feelings get in the way it may be time to reevaluate the status of the FWB situation

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You’re not in a relationship so you’ve no reason to feel bad, I bet your FWB has other FWBs.

If you’re comfy around the new man, ask him if he’s any friends that he’d want to include in MFM.

Having more than one FWB keeps the feelings at bay, so I’m all for it. Be safe and have a blast!

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What ever you do, just be extremely careful in every area. Physically and healthwise.
I dont like the post heading terminology.

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I won’t do anything without condoms anyway hahaha slag era is just the name for what I’m currently in :joy: but thank you

As you are not in a long term relationship and the FWB is aware of you, you certainly should not feel bad about things. Just make sure you are safe and protect yourself with condoms and other pregnancy protection. @gracelangstaff2004

I always make sure I have comdoms but thank you

Why not enjoy yourself… Fwb is exactly that, dip in and out wjen each other want

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If your technically not in a relationship and the FWB guy don’t mind then I shouldn’t see any issues