Small Boobs (Lack of confidence)

I have very small boobs 34A, and I am really self conscious about them. When out I do wear padded bras but worry once I am in the bedroom. I do have a boyfriend and know his ex had very large boobs, he says he is happy with me but all I hear is that men love big boobs and wonder if he is really happy with me.

I want to be confident about them.

Any other women on here who have small boobs, did you worry about them ?



im one of the girls with the bigger boobies, but i just wanted to say that every single women worries or dislikes something about how she looks so your not alone!

and as far as your BF goes with his ex having bigger boobs then you, that doesnt mean anything. my ex used to love small boobies but mine are far from small so it might be that your OH loves small boobies but she just happend to have big ones.

at the end of the day he loves you for you not just for how you look! if it was so much of a problem and he hated them he wouldnt be going out with you would he?

and in my experanince any boobies are good boobies where men are concerned.

i think us women worry more about the way we look and men dont really care as in they dont see the things we see and hate.

so please dont worry, your fab and your OH loves you for you! :-)


Hi AmbitiousOutsider.

I really understand where you are coming from. I too am a 34A.

Before I had my son I was a 38B, when I was pregnant they were huge! After having my son I dropped a few dress sizes and my boobs totally dissapeared, I'm talking non existant, tottally flat chested. I was too skinny and the lack of boobs really hit my confidence badly. It was eventually discovered I had pernicious anemia (a blood disorder), when I got that under control I started to put a bit of weight, it was a hard slog but I am now up to a size 8-10 and a 34A. I don't have a lot of boobs but it is more than I had a few years ago.

I know what it feels like to have boobs and I know what it feels like to totally loose them.

My current boyfriend is more a bum man than a boob man but he loves my boobs. It really helps with confidence when your partner really loves something about you that you hate. Day to day I wear padded or gel bras but in the bedroom my confidence is great now and I have my boyfriend to thank for that. Not all guys like huge boobs.

also treat yourself to some sexy undies, like little baby dolls or little matching vest top and knicker sets, you can get some really sexy ones in lace and sheer materials.

so your still a little bit coverd but still sexy as hell as well! and your OH will no doubt have his eyes popping out of his head!


Really, it's the same as having blonde hair instead of red, or being tall instead of short: some guys will find it attractive, some won't, and the majority won't really care one way or the other. All down to personal preference. I'm slightly bigger, but have had at least one guy turn me down because he wasn't into big boobs, which totally goes against the stereotype, but hey, each to their own.

One girl I know who had seriously tiny boobs was probably the most confident smaller chick I've ever seen. She refused to wear padded bras, and just made the most of her shape by wearing these gorgeous floaty tops, like scarves draped togetehr somehow. You couldn't get away with it with any kind of bra, and the way the lighter fabric hung would highlight them beautifully without trying to "fake" them. Was always so jealous, as i could never get away with the kind of stuff she wore, and she looked like something out of a fairy tale. Granted, that's not everyone's style, but I think that's what it's about: trying to find clothes that flatter your shape instead of finding ways to make your shape fit into whatever's in style.

Lets face it, there are a million girls out there who we look at and think "gosh, I wish I was her" or "She looks so much more attractive than me"

You know i agree with you, that what we think is stunning ect ect men dont normly think the same and that most women will put them self down.

so i wonder if the women that your talking above ever look at some of us and think that they wish they was like us. as in even though we dont think were stunners others do?

do you get what im trying to say? :-/ lol

what people think looks good/stunning is very much an indervidal thing.

like i dont get why my mate likes johnny depp so much as i only fancy him as jack sparrow and even then i think its more about the charcter then the look lol


I have HUGE boobs in my eyes which are a 38G =S........ oh how i wish they were smaller and only like them now as my OH thinks there fantastic. I think all of us wish we had what others have and the first step to being confident is accepting the size you are and dressing to suit ure shape. I bet your beautiful hun so dont worry so much. X

Hi Ambitious Outsider,

I too am small busted, I'm now 32 B but for years I was A, especially through the teenage years. For most of those years I was flat. So I can related to how fun that can be at the best of times.

I've never heard a man say 'the sex was grat, but I wish her boobs were bigger' and if he does he's an idiot who needs to work through some issues. And you don't need an idiot, right?

However, I do hear men say 'I wish she was more confident.' Men find confidence and enthusiasm far hotter than we are led to believe. And thinking back, all the people who ever made me feel inadequate for my small bust, were other women.

With this is mind, if you flaunt your figure in the bedroom, he'll feel like he won the lottery.

It was a revelation to me to find out that men, far from liking me despite my breasts, actually think they're amazing. Size doesn't come into it when they're loving how perky, well shaped and flattering your petitie breasts are. Start getting big headed, you deserve an ego trip.

There are so many things petite girls can get away with that your larger boobs gal will be just of jealous of. We can wear pretty much anything, we can buy pretty bras without underwiring and our bust is the one most designers have in mind when they're creating fashion.

Don't listen to any magazines or TV that say you have 'no breasts.' That's b*llocks. You have breasts, you have small breasts and men

Padded bras can be a great way to customize your look. You get decide which day your bust is heavier and when it's not. But try to embrace the looks you get from being petite as well. On a special occasion, a dress or top, without a bra can look stunning, if you wear the right cut. Halter necks are great. You can get away with plunging tops too. There's also some great substitutes for cleavage from a bare back to showing your legs instead of your chest.

I understand why you worry about your boyfriend, but I find if a man wants to be in a relationship with someone, that's exactly the case. If he says he's happy, and you're happy, don't worry about what your insecurities tare making you think and just enjoy your relationship.

I spent years in my teenage years thinking a boob job would make me happy. But the more I began to enjoy the company of young men, the more confident I became. I realised being happy in my own skin, no matter what I looked like, was incredibly attractive.

I like to think I'm a catch, I take care of myself and I look good. However, I also know I'm not Megan Fox, thank God. Because I'm confident I've been able to walk into parties, along with women owning huge breasts, and walked out with the most desirable man in the room. It takes a while to master but fake it till you make it.

Men, just like women, are attracted to people for a variety of reasons. If they all wanted big boobs, it seems strange how many of them are lusting after Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson and a thousand other small busted women in Hollwood.

One suggestion I have, is to perhaps encourage your boyfriend to incorperate nipple play into your bedroom fun. Having someone worship your assets can help tremendously and they'll become something you connect with your sexuality, not your anxieties. There's some great toys on LoveHoney that can be used as nipple toys and the vibrations can feel amazing.

One last thing, one of the greatest feelings in a relationship is feeling that your partner is continuously choosing to be with you. Every day they're with you, it's because they want you above everyone else.

Hope that helps a bit. Enjoy your boobs!


PS, great advice above.

Remember, you're not with your boyfriend because of the size of his penis, right?

PPS, just seen how many typos there are, sorry for the speedy typing!

Tigerlilies wrote:

Don't listen to any magazines or TV that say you have 'no breasts.' That's b*llocks. You have breasts, you have small breasts and men

Whoops, unfinished sentence. Not sure what I was going to say there, but I'm sure you get the picture. xxxx

That is some great advice as always TL. x

I'm not a big fan of big boobs myself, once they get beyond a C-cup they start to frighten me.

Have you spoken to your BF about this properly? It sounds more like you want his reassurance rather than ours - he's your BF and its his opinion that counts, right?

I wish I had smaller boobs, embrace not having to wear a bra all the time, cheap and pretty underwear and getting to wear tops I can only dream of. I've always been embrassed by mine, and frankly I'd kill to be a few cup sizes smaller.

Boobs aren't everything, same as with bums or hair or hell, even brains. Flaunt what you've got, theres so much nicer stuff out there for smaller chests and if he doesn't love you for who you are then its his problem.

The 'ex' factor is nothing, he's not with her anymore, he's with you hunny. Don't punish him for who he used to date, because at the end of the day he chose you xx

Cheers, SLM.

Don't forget about Cameron Diaz, Claire Danes, Debra Messing, Catherine Keener, Erin O'Connor, Natalie Portman, Kate Bosworth, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Thandie Newton, Mischa Barton, Kirsten Dunst and Gwen Stefani.

Oh and, every catwalk model ever.

Chrisams wrote:

I'm not a big fan of big boobs myself, once they get beyond a C-cup they start to frighten me.

Have you spoken to your BF about this properly? It sounds more like you want his reassurance rather than ours - he's your BF and its his opinion that counts, right?

id scare you to death to then! lol


Nipple dust! Yay!


Hi sweet!

Another small breasted lady here...have you met KP yet? She calls small boobs "French Breasts"

I used to be so insecure - I was physically sick the first time my current fella touched my boobs I hated them that much.

I'm flat as a pancake - side on, with no bra, I look like a boy.

But d'ya know what....I LOVE my boobs now

I realised that they do all the things boobs are meant to do, nude, they look good, in proportion with my figure and the size means they are always pert and perky (and always will be! No matter how old I get ) That is the biggest benefit of small boobs - the my fella LOVES small boobs too - loves how they look, feel (more than a handful is a waste right? Well I'm not quite a handful but still!) so nude, I've learnt to love my boobs.

As for in clothes....fake it! I get REALLY padded bras for a fiver in primark, filled with gel they make it look like I have boobs.

The great thing is, you know when you want to dress up sexy? Small boobed girls don't have to worry as much about over doing it! You've seen those dresses that are slit to the tummy button? Ever seen a big boobed girl wearing one? You can get away with showing off your boobs more if you have a flatter chest - don't ask me why, but you can!

Plus no back pain, and no need to spend a fortune on bras 'cause you don't need the support right

The way I see it is - the only 2 people who get to see my boobs loves them exactly how they are (me and my fella) and to everyone else....I can fake it, so it's win win! All the benefits of small boobs, but I get to pretend I have big boobs in clothes

TL is right, you have to learn to love yourself regardless - lots of men and women adore small boobs, lots of men and women like big ones - lots of men and women love bums more instead!

We're all different - it's the confidence and the personality that makes you ooze sex appeal, not the appearance!

One quick thing - have you ever been measured properly?

I fit in a 34A but actually I should be wearing 30C...all the cup sizes are same if you go down the back size scale if that makes sense?

So a 30C = a 32B = a 34A....if you're petite, you're probably wearing the wrong size bra shouldn't make too much of a difference but it's a great confidence booster being able to say you're a C cup even if you're a small C cup

Hope you feel more confident soon!


Adnaw, that is ace advice on bra sizes, I had never considered the sliding scale of the back sizes. I wear 32 B but I may give those other sizes a go if I can't find a fit.

Boob snap!