Small Penis Public Humiliation Tips

Hey guys I'm a pretty small guy 1 inch soft 3 inches hard. My partner recently discovered a flair for humiliating me over it and we both discovered we really liked it. We bought a penis extender at lovehoney, bought me lingerie, and she basically changed my name to Kirsty so I'm her sissy now. We've been exploring some public humiliation games and have come up with a couple of ideas like going into lingerie store and making it clear the lingerie is for me, or asking in the likes of Boots for smaller condoms. Would love to know if any of you have other ideas without actually getting me arrested for exposure lol

I previously asked for ideas on this topic. Try using some large toys before your turn. She will barely feel you (although she may not now anyway). Consider how big her previous partners have been - she certainly didn't hit the jackpot with you in terms of your manhood.

Get her to compare you to her toys. She probably won't be able to find toys in your size, I wonder why they don't make that size? Get a ruler, the type used I. A hen-night. They have markings for how satisfied a woman is by the size of cock.

Look up the size of an average cock online. Research suggests it's 6". Therefore, you're half of the average size. Consider the research in terms of age. It'll put you at a young teenager at best. Also consider where in a line of 100 people you would if you lined up by erection size and the percentile - I guess at the shorter end, near the end. From a percentage point of view you are probably in the bottom 1-2% of men.

You could try one of those swingers nights for ladies. AKA where a woman wants to go to experience a larger cock. No doubt everyone would feel pity for your lady so she'll have the choice if whoever she wants. She may even let you watch.

Try that site where you can compare yourself to ither guys. It will show you just how small you really are.

I hope this assists you. I'm marginally larger than you but the underwear thing doesn't work for me. The condom suggestion is good though. Stay happy!

I cannot come up with any suggestions myself however I want to bring your attention to the feelings of innocent people you are intending this on for your own gratification.

It would not be fair by any means to ask an innocent member of staff for small condoms as it would most definitely make them feel uncomfortable, they are just doing their job. Let alone any passers by (children?) that may happen to hear you asking for small condoms.

As suggested above, try swinger nights (appropriate setting) rather than a shop full of inocent people.


I don't think there would be a problem asking someone who works in a pharmacy like Boots for small condoms, to be honest they are more likely to act professionally and point you towards the tighter fitting options. Also no one with children would bat an eyelid at an adult asking for condoms in a pharmacy.

If you're planning to make the sales person feel uncomfortable then please don't do it. That's not fair on the staff. But if politely asking where the small condoms are will forfil your fantasy I can't see it being a problem.

Sex clubs might also be a good thing for you and your partner to explore. Have fun :)