Are there any other men or women on this forum that love to see other women smoke? I do absolutely love and if it's a cigar which is rare its even better..

what do others think?

I'm 99% against smoking, it just smells and tastes awful on most people! Two of my exes that smoked though I couldn't get enough.
Current partner's fetish is smoking, I generally can't stand it but will occasionally hold a cigarette and pretend I'm smoking it, and every now and then I'll light up and smoke while giving him a bj. Top wife 👍🏻

I'm a cigar smoker and would do it all the time if I could.

Only issue is that my partner is quitting cigarettes and to be supportive, I've given them up. Worth it to make sure we both stay healthy!x

I'm obsessed with photos of women smoking, I find it quite attractive too ^_^ My ex hates smoking & threatened to leave me if I ever smoked so I had to hide it for months & hide that I was attracted to it.

The guy I'm seeing uses a vapouriser & I can sit for hours watching him exhale & making shapes with the 'smoke', it turns me on whenever he blows it into my mouth before kissing me ^_^

I quit ten years ago.

MissNoir, you can't really hide it from a non-smoker. :)

I find smoking a complete turn off.....sorry x

It's a turn off for me too, but I'm an asthmatic so that's probably why x

Not for us even though some of the vintage roleplay scenes is better with one.In that case we just use a pencil as a substitute..

One of my fantasy's is to sit in a chair while my lovely little lady takes me in her mouth and then does her best to bring me to completion and when I do finally explode in her mouth she swallows and carries on all this time I am sat there drinking ,smoking and watching .we've done it once but sadly the cig ended before I did . So I can see the fascination with smoking

Smoking really, really turns me off. I have never actually slept with a smoker!

Having said that, I've never touched a cigarette or cigar in my life and don't intend to, so the smell is always very obvious to me and difficult to ignore.

I quit many years ago and now realise how lucky I am. It's a dangerous habit and quite frankly cost the NHS millions to clear up the mess it causes. Can't stand the smell of smoke now. Complete turn off.

Well, the smell and taste is a big turn off for me too, but sight-wise it's a turn on. I still miss my smoking self, although I (hope I) will never light a cigarette again. But there's just something attractive about a cigarette in a hand... When I was a (heavy) smoker, I did go with smokers and non-smokers alike, my now husband actually never was one, but I was when we met.

I can't stand smokers, and I've made a conscious effort never to get one because it just makes me feel a bit ill. I'm really sensitive to smells so no matter what they did, I'd always smell it on them.

For me it's one of those "your kink is not my kink, and that's okay" moments!

I've been with smokers, but it's the smell that realy puts me off and makes me feel sick. But I do find women smoking a cigar sexy!

Although I don't find smoking a turn on, it never turned me off either.. until I got pregnant. Now the smell makes me feel ill.
Having said that, I used to really enjoy the smell of a freshly lit lambert and butler cigarette. Literally the first few seconds of a fresh light. Simply because that's what my other half used to smoke when we first got together, so the smell takes me back to those newly-loved-up-cant-get-enough feelings. Ahh, memories.

Some really interesting replies to this topic thanks all for your input, I am amazed at the them who like cigars as well and bex1213 to find another women who likes to smoke cigars is a rarity I find, would love to chat more..

Also to find other women who have the same fetish is great.. Would love to chat to you all more..

I appreciate the input from them who don't like it.. But it's each to our own.. I don't normally smoke myself but would love to share a cigar with another women..

I also do like watching other guys smoke cigars, and hmm a nice guy or girl teaching me to smoke a nice cigar properly.. So nice.

My partner only smokes cigars and me cigarettes. I wasn't keen on the smell at first but now we often enjoy a smoky blowing, sharing the cigar between us both. It was his fetish but it now something we share and both enjoy. I know it drives him wild. my favourite and pretty much the first time was on a balcony in Majorca (was private) with a Cuban cigar.

i dont mind being with a smoker but its not something i like and certainly not a turn on for me

Smoking looks hot.....Im totally more attracted to a guy that smokes but at the same time even women smoking looks sexy...

But...then you get to making out etc and its tastes vile... :(

I smoke and i hate the taste it leaves in my mouth and how it makes my clothes smell, I did stop until i got ill and the stress made me start up again..I'm trying once again to quit

In conclusion, smoking looks hot as hell....but it's actually the worst thing you could do :(

Hmm it can look cool, certainly. But when you're kissing your OH straight after they've had a fag, it's not very nice. I also think that the health risks caused by smoking are very serious and I worry over them constantly. My dad smokes like a chimney and at 45 he has done so much damage to himself now. I worry for him just like I worry for my OH. Smoking kills and I couldn't bear to lose anyone to it.