So many rabbits

There are so many rabbits out there, but which one to buy?
My first rabbit was an Anne Summers Rampant Rabbit Wave, and I must say I was really disappointed in it.
While it had a nice long shaft it really didn't do anything for me.
I could barely feel the wave movement even on the strongest setting. They only good thing about it was the rabbit clit stimulater. T_T

I'd like to find another rabbit, but I don't want to be let down again by another weak toy. I've given up on Anne Summers. I was in there yesterday looking at the platinum rabbits. Dunno if it was low on batteries or if it was really as weak as it seemed.

So I went to my local adult shop only to find a whole wall space devoted just to rabbits.
There was so much choice. ^_^;; But I don't know which ones are any good.

Can anyone recommend a good rabbit vibe?

I know what you mean. My first one was the standard rabbit that Ann Summers first released. But I was impressed with mine, and was gutted when I had to get rid of it and replace it with a new one!

I find Ann Summers overpriced anyway, I find it much better to shop online, LoveHoney being a great example as you have a huge choice and the prices are much better!

I test toys and am yet to find a rabbit vibe that's really blown me away. The only thing I can suggest is checking out reviews of rabbit vibes, using the categories to narrow it down to the sort of toy you're looking for, and see what other women have said about certain models. It's trial and error, but given you can usually get two vibes on here for the price of one in Ann Summers, it's not so bad :)

Good Luck!

I'll keep looking ^_^;;
I'm sure I'll find a decent one eventually.

I'm sure Ann Summers would kill me for recommending other products but ho hum! hehe! I would say....the best part of a rabbit is the ears, especially if they have different pulsating settings rather than just different speeds. I got a Platinum many moons ago and after a while just stopped using it - not that I tell the girls at the parties that! I like the sensation of being filled at the same time as having my clit played with and so the Rabbit fulfils that nicely! Having looked at the different options on LH I would recommend the following:
For the pulsating ears -
For its size (girth) and cos its waterproof -
For the rotating G-Spot tip (rather than just beads) -

Thanks Wizadora! *hugs*

Ohhhhh! I want the platinum bunny! >.< Just 3 weeks till pay day.

Hmmm...good idea. ^_^ I feel bad that my old rabbit just gets left in the cupboard when I get my new one.

I wonder how long they've been doing Rabbit Amnesty?
Shame they don't do the same for other vibes. Even if they didn't give you dicounts on new ones it would make recyling them easier.

d'ya know what? i havent ever thrown away a vibe! they just end up at the bottom of my toy bag, never to see the light of day again! god, i still have my first ever one in there! coming up 9 years old! haha! and ancafe - not a problem! hope you enjoy your platty when you get it!

Wow! O_o
I've still got my first one, but I only just discovered these things last year. lol
Don't know why I didn't try em sooner.

wizadora- I havn't thrown any away yet either. But then I havn't actually worn any out yet.

I have two rabbits (Jessica, and Jessica 2.0 lol) so havn't got to try any different sorts. whats the difference between a platinum and mine? And has anyone tried the thruster, cos I don't really need an original and its upgrade so a trade in may be on the cards soon (when I have money lol).