So tired last night

That has got to be the longest sleep I have had and now I've got a stonking headache :-( Fell asleep on the settee to start with, when I woke I felt absolutely shattered and nauseous so went to bed.

But got a lie in for a change got up at 5.00am, so had 11 hours sleep, never been know with me, must of needed it. Had to look at my phone to see what day it was, lucky it's my day off.

What's the longest you have slept?

About 60 hours - yes, there were interruptions, but not too long :)

But I really needed it - I even fainted in the clinic when taking my sick leave - and I wasn't sick, I was just exhausted....

Ohh, that must of been rough, 60 hours, That is an awful lot of hours. Are you ok now?

3 Days, I still have no idea what was wrong with me - I have to have at least 10hours sleep every night, if not I become extremely moody

Blimey Avrielle, did they take you to hospital, so risky that, your body could of shut down completely.

I hope you feel better soon and they sort out better tablets for you.

11 hours is nothing compared to what you are all going/gone through

Think the longest I've slept without waking is around 24hrs, that was after coming back from a holiday in Florida so I was rather jet-lagged! The OH and I got home at about 3pm, shut the blackout curtains and went to sleep. When we woke up we had no idea what time it was, or even what day. Then I think we got up to eat, and went back to bed and slept for another night

hoping to sleep well tonight. Just started a new job and done a 10 hour shift today. The last job I had was 12 hous a week so 10 hour in one day just about finished me off. x

Well done for getting through your first day mrs average, it will get easier the more you do. Did you enjoy the shift though? Hope you had a good nights sleep.

la83, okay is a strong word, but now I don't get the chance to sleep that much again, lol. With my daughter around, it is no longer possible.

And I need at least 10 hour sleep every night to feel good, but now I am happy if I can get 6 or 7, so that I can at least feel capable of something, lol.

AA, I used to take similar pills before, but I was a child and I didn't really feel the drowsiness effect from them then. And the constant pain is a terrible thing - I can sort of understand that as I have a constant headache - I know it is different, but still...

Aww, i hope things work out better for you both you take care.

I still feel tired but not as bad but lost my appetite a bit, usually always eating.