"Sold as a novelty only" safe to use?

Hello! I am new to everything.

I bought a glass dildo (the model is Icicles 05) from this site and it came with "sold as a novelty only" written on the box. It also claims to be "body safe". So what does it really mean? Thanks if anyone could help.

Hi Elsa_

I have a couple of things from the icicles range, including no5, and they are perfectly safe.

The "novelty" thing is to protect them from any claims that it carries a medical benefit.

Okay, I am not an expert on this and I may be wrong but....

Almost all sex toys are sold with that warning on the box and the reason (I believe) for this is because to sell it as a product designed to go into the human body....eg a medical device, manufacturers would need to jump through hoops, pay out a small fortune and spend a loooot of time trying to get their product graded for safe for medical use with all the agencies. This would also effect us, the customers, as prices would be raised a lot, to cover those costs and time. Basically some legal disclaimer or something?

Now, I dunno if I just made that up...but I have some vague memory from last year of reading something like this and I typed it out above. Take it with a pinch of salt atm because I can't back up that info. (Maybe someone else can)

Yeah, just because it says "Sold as Novelty only", doesnt mean its not safe to use. However, there are some cheap nasty tacky knock off products that you should really avoid. (Just like in any industry) but I have experience with Icicles and found them to be perfectly fine! No issues at all.

TL:DR: Stick to trusted brands and use common sense and you shouldn't have much issue with your toys. Novelty or not. x

Fluff you're right,

i did come across

In order for a sex toy to classify as a medical device it must pass through rigorous criteria and be demonstrated to provide a medical benefit. Because of this and the laws in most areas, sex toy manufacturers are forced to label them as novelties even when they are fully intended for sexual arousal.

and http://blog.grandopening.com/sex-toy-news-whats-up-with-sold-novelty-only-line/

which might clear things up

I understand the fear behind using these things. Most toys I've had seem to say this. What am I meant to do, sit and laugh at this vibrator?

Thanks to others for explaining though as I have often wondered about it.

I have a douche that says for external use only! It's bonkers, but it's all just regulatory stuff. Although there are cheap tacky rip-off products out there, anything from Lovehoney or reputable retailers is perfectly safe :-)

The "novelty use only" tag lets iffy companies use shitty ingredients in their plastic toys without telling you anything about it, which is why mostly any plastics that aren't medical grade silicone or completely rigid should be avoided. They are likely to be porous (unhygienic) and leech chemicals to their surrounding, including your sensitive genital membranes.

Glass however isn't plastic, porous or likely to have a chemical breakdown during your sexy time, there are different kinds of glass used in making sex toys but they're all body safe, so is aluminium, steel, and medical grade silicone (LHs own silicone products are reliable to be quality silicone, read up on the subject if you're curious/worry, there are ways to make sure yourself that you're getting proper silicone toys).

(remember that LH only gets whatever info the producers chose to give, there aren't any regulations to the "novelty use only" sex toys or the info given about thwm so "skin safe" rubber isn't neccessarily skin safe and "phtalate free" plastics aren't always phtalate free. )

Some companies use it so they can sell items to companies where sex toys are banned too.

I've seen a dildo advertised as "for external use only"... Alright then haha. But yes Fluffs was correct, I've read about that before.

I think it also might have something to do with legal actions, if you use it and anything goes wrong you can't sue the company because they told you the product was for novelty use only. Particularly with toys made out of jelly and other porous materials. I know Tantus don't have that on their toys, I'm pretty sure they say "A toy from Tantus is meant to be used" instead.