Solo Anal play, help?

Hi there!
To any male or female out there who enjoy anal fun, this is a question to you.

So I'm a straight male, but I do enjoy anal play, I have had anal toys before ranging from small plugs to bug dildos, but when I have anal play with toys, I have to slow down or stop after a few minutes as the enjoyment goes due to it becoming uncomfortable (ass pain, but the good kind).

So to anyone who like to do solo anal play, what's your best tips?
What can make me enjoy it more?
What can make me want to go for a while?
Best toys to get?
And even what type or "experimenting" would you suggest?

If possible, "hands free" options, I don't want to use my hands ;)

Wow Alicia that's great advice/information. Going to look at these for hubby. Thank you x
Here's another one you might like to try golden balls it's my hubbys first anal toy and he keeps going back to it time and time again. He said it hits him just where he needs it and of course it's hands free. He wears it solo and when we have sex and he gets really strong orgasms from it and it never pops out unlike some can during that crucial moment. For the price it's amazing 😊

Would help if I gave you the link sorry

Thanks for the reply ladies! :)
Alicia, I'm not to sure what you mean, at least I can't picture the idea with the towel...
I understand that the towel will hold the toy waiting it's knot and makes a nice elevated surface, but the laying down and sitting on, I can't picture it sorry.

I think for solo play for male and female, love honey should make a lever thing... Push forward you goes up or in, pull back and it goes down or out, similar to the "exercise bike" I think I seen somewhere, but a lot cheaper, easy to assemble and easy to dismantle.

And yeah it's kind of the idea of just relaxing and something do the work while I relax and enjoy it without having to move around for once, that's why I want something hands free

The best you can get is the Lamourose Rosa Rogue, compleatly handsfree and the absolutely best anal toy in the world.

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