Solo masturbaters - what do you think about during?

I’m normally thinking about the porn I’m watching or the toy I’m using. Also I LOVE to take photos/videos during a solo session so I’m trying to get that good angle to make everything look bigger :rofl:

I usually think about the OH or look at the pictures and videos i have of him that he has sent me when we have been sexting.


I concentrate on the sensations i’m feeling from my vibrator. I sometimes listen to a sexy podcast at the same time. To tip me over the edge I often have images flash into my mind

Cute girl at the office.
The age gap keeps it a fantasy.

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I am a bi man and I moved house a while ago and I like to think about one of my gay neighbours who masturbated me in his lounge one final time as a goodbye present before I left for my new home, a memory that will always stay with me

My OH has a friend whose partner has gone off sex. He is happy for her to meet up with other men to satisfy her urges. Knowing this woman well I find it quite a turn on thinking about what she does, she does not know that I know about her little secret. Whilst I would never actually partake it is a great masturbation fantasy