solo or not? poll!

ok so im kinda wondering on this one so decided to do a poll! when it comes to your toys do you prefer to go solo or is it betta for you when your partner uses them on you?

thought id better start! lol!
for me its betta when he does it no im not lazy i do fly solo but it doesnt leave much to the imagination when hes doin it i can shut my eyes if i want he loves to tie me up and blindfold me alot then i dont know which toys hes gunna pull out next he always uses several sooooo much more exciting!!!!

I've never been into toys, but as much as I enjoy sex I think an orgasm is usually better when you're solo. You can take your time and go at your own pace, and let your mind wander wherever you want

p.s. xx..trouble..xx is so gorgeous its just ridiculous

I'm not fussed about him using them on me, but I love doing it myself while he's watching, cos it really turns him on and then I get must-have-it-now sex, which is ace.

Must say, the orgasms are more likely to occur solo, but that's probably cos my aim solo is to orgasm, whereas my aims with him involved as a viewer are just to put on a show lol.

Partner definitely, we use toys on eachother and end off by fucking, which you obviously can't do alone!

haha happycamper i think you have it spot on :D i love my toys for me and there are special ones that are definately mine but its definately a good thing to share! my bf tends to either work me up with one or keep me entertained while he's 'recharging'. He's bought a couple for me so it'd be rude not to share really :D

I like both with and without Mr M, but he only (as far as I am aware) likes using toys with me. I do like solo but I LOVE it with him!

I'd also have to agree with happycamper - both solo and with partner is the way it works for me/us.

As a couple, we only started using toys since Christmas. I presented by partner with a card containing Santa's Saucy Christmas Challege - to a budget she brought from Lovehoney a gift for herself, a surprise for me and a present for us to share. I did the same and then over the christmas period we open the gifts and enjoyed the results together ;-).

Prior to this, I've used toys solo (and continue to do so). Most recently I brought the Aneros Helix to experiment with prostate stimulation - ok on its own, but great when used with the cock-ring brought for me for Christmas. I've not found a way to introduce this into our play together yet but hope to soon 'cause I really want to pave the way for some shared anal play - she'd look great wielding a nice rubbery strap-on me thinks!!!

i enjoy both, or better still going solo then letting him wander in on me...OOPSY, SURPRISE!!

Better when my bf uses them on me..especially if im blindfolded or handcuffed..not knowing what is coming is such a turn on!

I enjoy using my toys while he watches me, not sure if you class that solo or not really... but i enjoy the idea that he's watching excitedly but he can't touch. the power. wahaha (satanic laughter)

As a bloke I really enjoy having my girlfriend using my Fleshlight on me while sucking and licking my scrotum and testicles. It really is a whole new feeling.

I know for a fact she likes me using her toys on her more than solo play as well although maybe she's just lazy!

I do it myself (too much of a control freak :P) but I use them when I'm with my partner mainly!


I much prefer my OH using toys on me, and like Trouble, not knowing how he's going to use them is what gets me excited. I also feel that my body tingles more with my partner..... eg, I can rub my own nipples and well nothing happens,its as if my brain knows im going to do it but when the OH tweaks them WOW.

In short sex is a couples thing but if im horny then using a toy will curb the cravings till we next get together.

Usually alone, they're a substitute for when she escapes...

I usually play alone but we've got that sometimes he likes to watch. I suppose because i know what i like its harder to give in and let him do it. I'm trying to give up the control though.