some advice really any help appreciated

Ok my OH and myself are up for most things and i like to please him in anyway i can and i do (he tells me lol)

But the two things he loves i seem to have a mental block on and would love nothing more than to surprise him and do them

1: He would love me to pee on him I have no problem with this like i said we are up for it but i just can't do it its like myheads there but my body shuts off to it I can even be really wanting to go and no matter what we try I can't yet go to the toilet after and I can its very frustrating :(

2:: the thing i want to do most for him and thats Squirt we have tried all the techniques and nothing seems to work again i am fully relaxed we have reasd here the techniques and he has had previous partners that have done it loads I don't know why I can't is it something somee an do others can't

Any advice appreciated xxxx

Hi It took me 3 years to master the squirting thing... and I can honestly say it's over-rated. I have no real tips on this, it's just a try and test method.

As for peeing.. I love it, but have to say I got stage fright at first. Above is a good suggestion, shower or bath is a good place to start. Or try wearing clothes first.. a light pair of trousers for example.. it's surprising how easy it is when for the first time there is a little 'modesty' involved until you get over that block. Plus is a good warm up tease for him to be able to know what you've done but not see you go at first.

Biggest tip, try not to over analyse or think about things to much, fun not pressure! :)

I think pleasing your partner is important but what about pleasing yourself. I personally don't get the peeing thing, I just couldn't . I know this about myself and funny enough my hubby would be horrified if I internationally peed on him. I've never mastered the squirting however my sex life with my hubby is amazing (bit here and there right now due to babies) if you really want to do these things, try and relax and keep trying, but you need to think about what you want as well not just what your lover wants
Good luck

TBH not every woman can squirt, so don't beat yourself up about it.

As for the peeing, I find it hard to pee in a public loo, if there are people in the 'waiting' area or if people can hear lol Maybe putting some music on, might help? Or filming it, when he isn't there and then replaying it back to him?

squirting can be really hard and as said above not always possible, howeveer if you look on the post about squirting i have posted some instructions

but again dont focus to hard on trying to do that just enjoying the attempts

as far as weeing i would drink lots of water a few hours before your gonna try it and do it in the bathroom with a tap running and make sure your feeling relaxed to iliminate stage fright.

but at the end of the day dont feel too bad, as im sure your OH will be gratefull just being with you


Yep, I agree, squirting is overrated. I can do it maybe 30% of the time and I have to be really turned on and had a LOT of lead up. When I do it's a bit meh, sometimes getting in the way of a good orgasm as you're so focused on squirting all else goes out the window. I know it's a big turn on for my hubby which is really the only reason I do it, but I wouldn't be bothered if it never happened again.

Don't worry about not being able to squirt either, it's only a recent thing with me after a lot of years together.

Peeing the old pee shy comes to mind,We had this to when it was new to both of us,My advice is to drinky plenty of water and hold it untill you can hold it any more,Then you are going to want to relase your pee and wont have the mental block.

Or maybe both of you get a little bit drunk then it might make things more easier just for the first time.

Thanks everyone thats given advice so far

My OH never pressures me i think its just me wanting to please him and try all different things and to be honest have watched videos of it a its a turn on for us both

will try relax more although anymore might fall asleep lol

ha good luck