Some questions about the Lelo BOB or toys like that

Ok ive been reading up a bit seems the p spot is a different kind of pleasure,Maybe i should clear my mind of remote control toys,And go with something like the Lelo BOB,I would be nervous really nervous putting a thing like that up my ass i must say it looks so big is it? Or is it just the picture thats big?

Now my mrs has the vibraexciter and it can be real fun watching her enjoy the buzzes,I wish i could squirm like that with a remote control toy,But my experiences with toys like that hasn't been a wow feeling,But im now thinking what i get a different kind of feeling if i have the Lelo BOB could it make me go all squirmy?

So its not going to be fun in a way of my mrs controlling it and its not going to really appeal to her,So this kind of toy is just going to be a me thing,What does it feel like if you wear it out does it feel awkward/uncomfortable? Then sitting down what would that feel like if i was sitting down in the pub/club would it be a thing i could feel that might feel a bit awkward if i was chatting to people,Or would it be a nice feeling like someone stroking my cock while im sitting down.

I would like to know everything about this kind of toy before i go ahead and buy it,I dont think im after anything thats going to make me cum while im out,I would like something that could make me feel i need to cum and feel all squirmy while im out with my mrs and wanting to go home as soon as the pub/club closes.

Is this what these kind of toys make you feel?

Are they that easy to put in your ass?

Is it easy to pull it out after a night out?

Sorry im just nervous about this kind of toy.


I bought the BOB for my other half - it is a really beginner friendly toy - nice size and shape :) Just remember lots of lube, relax and play with fingers etc first. Sorry I couldn't be more help on the othre bits, from a mans point of view anyway but I'm sure smeone will be able to advise x

Iv just ordered one I will make a review as soon as I get to test it ;-)

If you are looking for something to wear out and about I suspect that this one might be a bit too prone to popping out. The more conventional butt-plug shape with the fairly quick taper to the stem seems best for being retained.

I have a Tantus Ryder plug which is not much of a stretch for a beginner but tends to stay put OK.

LH did used to sell a wireless vibrating wand that looked a bit like beads. That looked good, it sold out in the sale tho. I agree with Gyrator, a butt plug that is wide and then tapers of quickly at the bottom would be best to stay in x

I just received this to day and its definitely not that big and does stay in and I can tell u it does feels good and definitely hits the spot well worth the money