Someone please help

Hi, I am gay and recently bought a douche off here to ensure that all anal sex is as clean as possible but I'm struggling to use it. I find positioning very difficult and end up getting everywhere wet etc. Any men or women out there got any tips when it comes to douching....thank you :)

Hey. Don't sure which douche you have but some can leak if you squeeze too had, mine does sometimes. What position are you in when you use it.

I have seen some recommendations online about lying on your side so you have gravity to help you out. I find it easy just to bend over. I don't use the full bulb of water and just repeat.

If you have a bidet then it makes sense to do it over there. I suspect though that your problem might be that you're not inserting it far enough, so when you squint the water, instead of going in your rectal cavity it hits the inner sphincter muscle and is repelled outwards.

Remember to use some lube and be reassured that you're highly unlikely to insert the douche too far.

I usually do the first one over the toilet, and then subsequent ones in the shower until it runs clear, giving the shower a thorough bleach cleaning afterwards.

Thank you for those bits of advice. I have been doing the first one over the toilet too then the rest in the shower but maybe need to try the side position. My partner is 9 inches so i need to make sure i get it right in there. Maybe need to try a new douche or a shower head style one. Plus I haven't tried it with lube so I will do that next.