Something comfy…😉

So… when you (or your partner) says “I’m just going to slip into more comfortable…:wink:

What does that look like?

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Jogging bottoms and a dressing gown usually :joy:

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Hopefully nude, but usually a dressing gown.

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Depends on the look she gives me when saying it… normally she is removing her bra after a long day and putting pjs on, or if she gives me the seductive look, a satin nighty with satin panties!


She usually wears a strappy top and pyjama shorts which show a bit of bum … I wear just joggers without pants :sweat_smile: it’s amazing what grey joggers can do to a woman …

Normally a dressing gown and slippers.
Sometimes nude under, sometimes 15 layers

Stockings and suspenders with a quarter cup bra and the smallest of thongs.

Baby Doll nighty and crotchless knickers


Usually means a short PJ set or something similar for her. For me it will be jogger bottoms or knee length PJ shorts.

Pyjama bottoms and one of my T-shirts normaly

Slipping into his favourite lingerie :wink:


For me that just involves getting into my pjs haha but if I was to make the effort to be kinky then I’d probably just strip off in front of them down to my sexy pants :briefs: :joy:

Usually speaking it will be pjs and dressing gown followed by a cup of tea and under the blanket :joy:

My oodie, jammies and fluffy socks

“Something more comfortable” definitely means something more alluring :wink:

Much like the others, I wish ‘slipping into something comfy’ was her latex garments but sadly for me, it’s her camo onesie!

Atleast she’s warm…


For my partners, that means bedtime clothes. Pants or shorts, t-shirt possibly. My GF often wears a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off and nothing underneath. For my husband it is often shorts and a t-shirt, with a bathrobe.

For me, comfortable means no clothes, possibly with a fluffy blanket to stay warm. Preferably with somebody wrapping their arms around me…because comfy = cuddles.


If my wife says she’s slipping into something more comfortable then I know I have to go shopping cos she’s just nicked another t-shirt or hoodie from my wardrobe :man_facepalming:t5:

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We do it all the time!