Came across 'Sounding' the other day, which is basically pushing a small metal rod/tool/vibrator down the end of the penis into the urethra so stretch a 'very sensative area'. Had a look on here and some products are available, like this -
And little keyring versions, like this -

And was just wondering if any of you could clue me in to what its about, do you do it? Whats it like? etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Zephron

I wrote this handy guide about urethral sounding which should tell you everything you need to know about safety etc.

I'm also considering doing a YouTube video on the topic, if you think that would be useful? 

You might also find reading some of the reviews on the sounds we sell helpful. 

There are a fair few urethral sounders on this forum, so hopefully some will come forward with some personal experiences, too. 

Hey There 

We have a couple of forum posts around this subject:

I'll close this one. Please feel free to continue your natterings on any of these.

In addition, Jess wrote a handy guide about Urethral Sounding recently. You can check it out here.