Spanking only relationships

Very happy for you.

I’m glad that it went so well and it seems that you got exactly what you needed.

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That is so erotic @anna.michelsburg it sounds like you got just what you wanted. He saw you naked, (we would all like that). But no more other than the spanking. I think you will want some maintenance. A great event I would say.


I’ve decided to have regular maintenance spanking.

First one in a couple of hours.


And it was perfect.

Just what I needed.


Can i ask, purely out of interest and with no other agenda, is this arrangement with the knowledge and agreement of your partner?

It’s more in the don’t ask don’t tell category of arrangements.

Don’t ask if you don’t want to know the answer?

If it works that’s a good system.

Not quite.

Some things we do discuss of course, but he knows this is my thing and he’s not that fussed.

That’s a nice attitude to have.

Thanks for the explanation.

You seem to be getting just what you need.

Well, it had been a while.

My wife and I were in bed one afternoon, when she knelt over to suck my cock. I was lying there, enjoying it, when I decided for some reason to swat her on the ass. She stopped sucking for a moment, sat up with wide eyes, and asked me to spank her again. So I did, and she masturbated while I did. She came so hard, so quickly. We incorporate a light spanking in our sex life going forward.

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I must say, I am very glad I started this. Every two weeks or so, I really look forward to it, and then feel … I can’t describe … afterwards for a few days. I do think it is slightly funny that I happened to get chatting to some randommer in a hipster coffee shop in Bath about spanking when one of my friends cancelled at the last minute.

He was telling me yesterday that somehow, and he doesn’t understand how, he has had a long series of 30s and 40s women wanting spanking only relationships and he does more or less the same thing as me, some form of arrangement where he spanks them, mostly over his knee. Including one lady who is spanked in front of her husband.

I do consider myself very widely travelled in these sorts of matters but I never imagined there were people all over the world at this stage of life who had someone come around to spank them.

Anyway, its working for me and as I sit typing this I can feel a slightly tender bottom to remind me of what I got yesterday morning, which is a gorgeous sensation to start the day with.

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I am really pleased you have found someone to spank you @anna.michelsburg I’m intrigued how the conversation came about. Is it a mutual enjoyment for you both or is it purely a job for him? Ho I have so many question I would love to ask you.

Ask away.

I cannot remember how the conversation came up but once it did I found it really easy to talk to him about it.

You must have felt very comfortable very quickly @anna.michelsburg especially if he was a complete stranger initially. I think that’s a good indication how confident you must be yourself.

We had met for coffee a couple of times and lots of text discussion.

It was much easier that I didn’t know him, I could be ‘in character’ really easily for my confession.

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