Speculum Concern

I ordered this the other day and we tried it out on Saturday. My wife does like being stretched and opened wide so there were no nervous issues involved in the use of the speculum.

The device is an extremely simple thing. It is smooth and easily insertable into the vagina. It is opened by simply turning a key. To allow it to close you just turn the key in the opposite direction and it should then just close, since it is just a pin that it moves on. There is no locking mechanism on it. It cannot seize. This all worked in practice prior to insertion.

Having inserted it into the vagina I opened it up. No issues so far, she really enjoyed it as did I. It was very erotic to be able to see in and be able to place a finger in and stimulate and make the wife orgasm. So far so good, still no issues.

The problem arose when it came to closing it. It should have just instantly closed as the key was turned but it did not. It wasn't possible insert any fingers in either to try and help it close, but again the issue was this shouldn't have been happening, there was no resistance to stop it closing. Both of us were by now begining to get very worried and concerned. We triied for at least ten minutes to get it to close but it was difficult to be even able to get any fingers in to try.

Having been lying on her back we decided that perhaps she should stand up to see if that did anything. Thankfully it did and it then closed up and we were able to withdraw it. Needless to say my wife is none to keen and trying this again, which is a shame since both of us did really enjoy it until.....

Does anybody have any experience or theories as to what was going on? I can't beleive that vaginal secretions would have had enough of a cohesiveness about them to stop the speculum from closing.


Hi kc my wife wasn't keen on a speculum at all, whilst it was something I really wanted to do for all the same reasons as you. It is very erotic to see a pussy spread open and wet.

So I bought this little beauty, my Wife really likes it. It's not cold and mechanical. It does an amazing job of opening the pussy and the other end sits right on the g spot. All so really exposes the clit. I would highly recommend it.