My husband has a tiny penis and wants me to insult it even wants me to tell friends and barmaids when we go to the pub, now I’m fine with doing this as it sounds fun but not sure what I should say! Any advice?

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Can't you drop it little jokes like " that pints 3x the size of my hubbys Cock " .. something like that? If they laugh you could reply, that your not joking

3 times bigger would be an underestimation as well lol more like 10 times

+1 to little jokes, I wouldn't say anything too overt or graphic as you could make the other person rather uncomfortable. You may be fine with doing it but they may not want to hear it. I know I wouldn't want to talk about someone elses cock while trying to do my job so perhaps keep it to the friend circle and keep it light hearted :)

I would always do it jokingly, would always keep it lighthearted unless it was one of my friends and I know how far to go with them

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Definintely agree with keeping it lighthearted, also make sure he's not too uncomfortable himself. You have mentioned you've both discussed making it a little more public, but just make sure prior that he's okay with you telling certain strangers before just blurting it out :)

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You need to find out how he wants to engaged in this type of humiliation play. If he likes jokes to be aimed at him or more forward comments, like “what am I supposed to do with that?” “Your pathetic man clit” or you can be lighthearted with subtle jokes such as “can I have a half pint to match the size of his cock” etc. Humiliating and insulting is a huge part of femdom culture so look up some femdom and humiliation guides and techniques, you can even find videos online which are usually in the “sissy” or “humiliation” list.

I enjoyed receiving Sph over the weekend and haven’t had it done for a long time
My willy was verbally humiliated, and I also had to sit in the cold bath

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Can you explain what the person you humiliate gets from this. If he has a micro penis he may be embarrassed, so isn’t this type of ‘banter’ a little hurtful?