Spice up your life!!

To all the couples on here how do you spice up something that’s all ready amazing!! Been together 12 years x

That's a tough question. In our case we spiced up a pretty stagnate sex life by buying loads of sex toys and lingerie. 🙂

What sort of things do you both enjoy? And what would each of you like to try that you've never tried before?

What really spiced up our sex life was trying bondage stuff. Started off light and now it’s a staple point in our sex life, it’s something we both really really enjoy and you can go as far with it as your happy with ☺️

A good question only you and your partner can really answer, something I only just thought of trying myself today but try this if you like...

Fun little game to give you some ideas, write down 5 (or as many/few as you want) new things you want to try/do differently. Get your partner to do the same, and swap notes with each other.

If you have any matches then you’re on to a winner! Then either keep it secret and see surprise for a later spontaneous moment or you can discuss and explore it further or just plain act upon it now 😉

Any other non matches are now on the table for discussion and you could surprise each other later on if you wanna add a bit of mystery in there too!

im intrigued to try it with my own wife so let me know how you get on if you do it 👍

new places!

Time together, trips away and at the moment some toys and lingerie

I am slightly disappointed that this was not a Spice Girls thread :(

On a serious note, lingerie/costumes, a range of positions and new places all help. If you can predict your partner’s every move, it’s definitely time to do something a little different!