Spit or swallow? Help!

Hey guys,

Quick q for you all. I am a definite swallow type of person. I find spitting awkward and I think it puts a downer on the atmosphere (personally, that is no judgment against anyone that does spit!)

However, recently my SO's flavour seems to have changed for the worse. As far as I am aware he hasn't made any big changes to his diet or any other aspects that could affect it and he's a clean freak so it's definitely not because he's dirty. Does anyone know why this happens? Or how to help it go back to how it was?

It's gotten so bad that it genuinely triggers my gag reflex and makes me feel ill and that is definitely a mood killer! I need help. If any of you have suggestions I would really rewally appreciate it.

Thanks guys.

Pineapple is supposed to make it taste better. He could be dehydrated.

More water! Dehydration can change taste quite drastically.

Also greasy foods, alcohol, caffeine and meat are supposed to have negative effects on taste.

I'm a spitter... for this exact reason

Alicia4Ever wrote:

Has he started having a donner kebab on the way home from a night out, or eating any other spicey, or oily foods, pretty much anything different he is eating could potentially change his flavour. even. something as seemingly inoccuous as extra virgin olive oil.

As would some medications, I don't know for sure but I would think things like stress, or illness could affect it too, due to changes in the way his body chemistry is functioning, because of such things.

You say "as far as you are aware", but you don't know for certain, perhaps you should speak to him about this, and find out for sure, I'm can't see him wanting you to carry on swallowing if he has started to taste bad. Just be sure he knows that you have loved doing this for him, and really want to be able to keep doing it.

You could try these drops https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32152, to help improve his flavour, also pinapple juice is know to help, and fruit in general."

Hmm that might explain it. I love spicy food but he's not keen and I recently started doing all the cooking since he moved away. His diet has changed because Chef's perks is I pick what we eat and he's used to a more bland less exotic palette. I didn't realise this could be something that would change the flavour though! He drinks a lot of water, doesn't drink alcohol and eats plent of fruit/veggies so it must be that. Might try the drops. Thanks for the advice!

All the above regarding food, caffiene, sugar, medication, dehydration etc and also smoking can cause it to change taste.

The drops linked https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32152 are supposed to be good, you could also try using a flavoured lube too to try help with the taste.

But I would definitely talk to your partner to see if there is something he has changed, it could be the smallest thing.

This link has some great advice on foods to avoid and which to eat to help http://vape.network/blog/vape-liquid-your-semen-a-diet-for-better-sperm-taste/

That's a tricky one and so personal. IMO it's also got to do with the texture. I've tried and I've swallowed a few times, but I just can't have that textutre going down my throat, just to think about I feel kind of sick. Perhaps that's the same reason I believe I'll never, ever try oyesters, I just can't handle.

Regarding the taste, water is always a good idea not only for that but also for the health benefits and overall well-being.

It’s all in the diet. Ask him to eat healthier, as mentioned pineapple is good and tell him to keep hydrated!

I find it hard to swallow, so I lick and kiss his penis just after he cum and then full on kiss him passing it between us, we find it such a turn on!

I absolutely love to swallow, sometimes my bf thinks he shouldnt cum in my mouth when i really want him to and have to almost convince him i really want it!

Has he been eating a lot of dairy or meat lately? This can have a huge impact on flavour, as well as the above suggestions. (Smoking, Alcohol, Junk Food, Asparagus etc all make his spunk taste extra strong.)

Pineapple can help, but only if you remove whatever it is that's causing the funky flavour to begin with. So he needs to strip out any toxins / bad flavour enhancers first, THEN he can begin customising the flavour with things like pineapple. 

It's also worth noting that taste receptors can change drastically both over time or as a result of a change in your life / diet: have you changed anything in your lifestyle which could be making you more sensitive to bitter / salty flavours? Hormone treatment, pregnancy and medication, as well as quitting smoking, can all make your taste receptors much more sensitive. 

For more advice on the things which change semen flavour, check out our (snappily named) video guide: How to Make Semen Taste Delicious 

Good luck!

Spitting can be really sexy though too, I think that gets overlooked. After I finish my OH likes to dribble it back down my shaft, and I just find watching that SO hot.

InOrbit1971 wrote:

Spitting can be really sexy though too, I think that gets overlooked. After I finish my OH likes to dribble it back down my shaft, and I just find watching that SO hot.

Never thought of doing this but yeah, that does sound really hot. May have to try it out.

I like to swallow and thankfully never had any funky tasting stuff in my mouth. I can taste the difference in it sometimes though.

This one is to all the swallowers does it matter how far in your mouth he cums regarding taste I’ve heard that the further back it is the less you can taste it true or false