Spreader Bars question

I tried to search but had no luck, so i ask if if thats ok.

I sorting my list of items to buy this month, and spreader bar is one item i after, i wanted thou to try to get one that the bar can be removed from the cuffs, Do any of your spreader bars do this, ankle or hand ones are cool, just i wanted to mix and match items.

Thanks again

i made my own, and a lot cheaper than buying a ready made one.

u can buy lenghts of bar from b and q. then i bought threaded eye bolts from screw fix. one of my bars has an eye on each end that can be attatched to ankle cuffs using 'r' clips.

the other has an eye on each end and also one in the middle which then gets attatched once again using 'r' clips to a collar, very easy to make if u r handy with tools and i think both mine cost me less than £15 to make.

if u need any help post back