Spreader Bars

Hi Everyone, looking to plumb the depths of your experiences and knowledge

I would really like a spreader bar for leg use, but I'm confounded be the choice of not only lengths but adjustability.

It would prrimarily be used for restraint games for a male, and I suppose should be pretty sturdy

Does anyone have advice, recommendations, or what to avoid?

thanks in advance

Had them on my wishlist for a while now but a decent one seems pretty expensive.

I'll probably eventually go for an adjustable one. Not really sure in the point of some of the shorter ones.

Another thing to consider is whether you want one with cuffs attached, or if you want the option of using your own cuffs

yes i would agree the adjustable type also pay attention to the fixing between the bar and the hand /ankle cuffs some time even tho they go together it might not be comfatable the bar could be pressing into the front or back of your ankle, or locking pins sticking out which you could catch yourself on .

although in all honesty Personaly I prefer to tie legs apart , it gives greater manoverablity and a larger range of ...... options

Hey SS - I don't have one myself yet - but I do have my eye on this one purely because of the high reviews :) xx


I have this one which I would highly recommend :) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25619 It’s very sturdy and collapsible too so it’s easy to store.

The adjustability is great so it can go from 18 - 26 inches. The furry cuffs are really good quality too. My OH Winter_Is_Coming has reviewed it in more detail.

You can also get this one which has an extra set of cuffs with it. I didn’t go for this because we already have a lot of cuffs. http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=25620

The only down side is that these products are out of stock at the moment! I love Bondage Boutique though! Worth the wait ;)

Hope this helps Xx

drill two holes in a piece of wood??????

As in 'fork handles' Gunther ;)

I'm not sure about spreader bars. We use straps to the corners of the bed, so the general idea appeals, but doesn't the bar get in the way?

Thanks for all your advice, well most of it!! Keep it coming

I think I'm going to mull over for a while, and make a decision next pay day.

Snapper - that hadn't occurred to me good advice :)

Khaleesi & Scorpi - thanks I had my eye on both of those, I might even order all of them and send back the ones that look flimsy.

St H - not really planning to use them in bed, bot not saying that won't happen. If they get in the way then that just adds to the fun, it's about restraint after all.

StHubbins wrote:

I'm not sure about spreader bars. We use straps to the corners of the bed, so the general idea appeals, but doesn't the bar get in the way?

We use our standing mostly with wrists tied above my or my OH's head- using a door or a strudy light setting :p

We've also used on the bed and it doesn't get in the way.

The bondage boutique ones are very good. It would be a really touch job breaking free :p Xx