Squirt or urine

Right guys! I need your help. A little embarrassing but im really not sure whether ive been squirting all these years or if its urine. Theres definitely a smell of urine. However… Im just not sure. Recently been experimenting with a vibrating egg. On my clit. Pleasure is insane and 3 times now its happened where as im cumming ive not been able to control myself and its proper gushed out and theres been a lot. Is this urine? Is this squirt? Someone help :tired_face::tired_face:

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@gemma.young.91 you’ll never get a straight answer. Some will always say its urine due to there being no physical structure in the female body capable of storing so much liquid apart from the bladder. Others will point out the difference in smell/taste and say it’s definitely not urine. It’s a debate that’s been going on forever.

There’s some great info and opinion on the Lovehoney YouTube channel. May be worth a watch.

Personally I feel it’s a combination of things. Not just a case of someone weeing but it’s hard to argue against the volume of liquid arguments scientifically.

No need to feel embarrassed or concerned either way. You’ll find many men enjoy it. Some actively pursue women who can squirt/gush as if they’re the holy grail and it can be frustrating for women who can’t if they have a partner who wants them to when they either can’t or don’t wish to. It’s always personal choice.

If you’re concerned about mess just chuck a towel down or invest in waterproof sheets.

If you enjoy it - it’s all good. :wink:


Honestly even if it was urine would you stop doing it?
We get a fair bit of squirting on the bed, we don’t avoid it we embrace it and manage it with some large material pee pads, they absorbed up any mess that is made and also great for when it is period time.
Personally I find the misses squirting a huge turn on and want in immediately lol


Hi @gemma.young.91

You might find some useful info here.

There’s a lot of threads on squirting if you use the search bar at the top x

I think the detail that stands out in this case is that you’re saying it smells like wee. I think the general consensus is that if it smells like wee, then it’s probably wee.

You can try going to the toilet just beforehand to empty your bladder, and see if that helps with the smell of the liquid if/when you squirt during your session?

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The person on this forum with a wealth of knowledge seems to be @Calie .she may be able to help.
From what I’ve learned on here, is it is the Skene gland that produces the squirt…maybe you are getting both pee and squirt fluid… if you are enjoying it what the hell.
My wife and I want to get her to squirt…think the peeing sensation has what has held her back up to know.
She often needs to pee immediately after PIV sex.

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It’s a tricky one. If you’ve been to the bathroom before then it can’t really be urine as there isn’t enough time for your bladder to refill purely with urine. If your bladder was full or close to it then it is possible that the fluid you expelled is at least partly urine.

If it is really bothering you not being sure, try masturbating in the bath or shower (with no water) as it should allow you to see the liquid. Pee first and don’t stress if you don’t squirt (often if we try too hard we won’t)


@Calie you are a great source of fantastic advice to us all.
Keep it up and thank you so much.


Hey Gemma,

Of course as a guy I can’t speak from personal squirting experience but what I would say is, I use to have a fuck buddy who use to love squirting & would gush an incredible amount.

First thing was, I absolutely loved it & think it’s an amazing thing to be able to reach squirting climax.

However, the girl I was playing with did share similar anxiety to you & didn’t feel keen on the idea that she might be pissing the bed & on me. First thing I did was reassure her that it wasn’t an issue for me, however, it’s important for her to feel comfortable.

So what we done was each time we met up, I’d tell her to drink plenty of water before meets. She’d go for a pee before I arrived & when she did squirt it was so clear & there was no smell of urine.

In simple terms, it could just be a sign of dehydration. Compared dehydrated pee to that of when you’ve had a lot of water - there’s a massive different in smell and appearance. Would defo recommend drinking more water beforehand.

The final thing i’d say is; if you enjoy it, definitely don’t stop! It’s natural & nothing that putting a towel underneath can’t sort :wink::+1:


@gemma.young.91 I have the same, if I squirt through clitoral stimulation I can feel and recognise the sensation of squirting and it smells like wee to me.
But I have also been told by previous partners that I have squirted, and these were all through g-spot stimulation and I was not aware of any different sensation and don’t remember it smelling.
Like you I’ve been wondering about it!

Oh god girl I’m with you on this one!
I’ve recently started doing what I think is squirting. I try make sure I wee before I start masterbating to try make sure I don’t wee everywhere because knowing my luck I would :woman_facepalming:
I’ve been cheeky enough to smell and taste it. It doesn’t smell of pure urine and it tasted a little salty but then again I don’t know what urine tastes like so nothing to compare that with so that was pointless haha.
Just go with the flow and if your body does it then it does it regardless to what it is.
Have fun and embrace it :kissing_heart:


Yeah I had my face involved in one of the squirting sessions and it was a bit salty as well, but no overly urine smell. Saying that she is a heavy tea drinker and is always very well hydrated.
But as I said before we just have a adsorbent pad or towel down and we are good for anything messy as sex does seem to make a fair bit of mess on the bed sheets sometimes lol