Squirting side effect

Hi all,
I have a question for my fellow squirters: how do you make sure you stay well hydrated? With a new partner for a few months and, it’s going really, really, really well…but I lose a lot of fluids…and just drinking a lot of water doesn’t always do the trick. I end up with headaches, exhausted, and even disorientated, typical dehydration symptoms really.

So I looked into ‘sports hydration’ and started taking electrolyte tablets before et rehydration salts after, but even with these, I sometimes still end up dehydrated. Wondering if anyone else has a routine they would share? Anything you drink/eat/use that helps you stay hydrated?

And other than a waterproof blanket, any other accessories you would recommend?
Thank you!


Water with some salt and sugar in and yes waterproofing does help :rofl:

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Weirdly I wouldn’t have thought squirting would make you dehydrated unless you’re gushing out Niagara Falls!

I’d actually maybe consider going to your local doctors to just ask their advice on it and if dehydration sachets are good idea

I lose A LOT of fluids. I’m sure some of the stuff you see online is fake but trust me when I say some is real (I’m not saying I’m online, just that for some of us, it really happens like this).
I can’t bring myself to discuss this with my GP, I have asked for advise on rehydration after an intense workout at Holland and Barret and they advised me to take electrolytes.


@Feelinggood I’m like you. If I have a proper session, I can end up losing so much, I sometimes think where on earth does it come from!

I usually just drink water before I go to bed if it’s a night time session, but I have rehydration packets for the next morning if I feel I really need them. Plus, I’ll usually have some sort of snack and that usually stops the headaches!


How hydrated are you generally? I’m terrible at remembering to drink (unless I’m at work) and a quick attempt to hydrate myself before sex rarely works. So making sure you are plenty hydrated all the time is a good idea.

Depending on how long your sessions are, having a mid sex drink break isn’t always a bad idea. If that’s going to kill the mood too much, oral sex with a cold or hot mouth can feel really good, so taking a few mouthfuls of a drink can be as part of foreplay.

Although it does sound like it is coming from dehydration, just try and relax while having an orgasm. Clenching your jaw and not breathing properly can cause headaches too.

I get very dehydrated and like some other replies the sheer volume of fluid is quite overwhelming :sweat_drops: and you do wonder where it all comes from and if it will ever stop / run out!

I have a regular hydration tablet called Sports Hydro because despite drinking lots of fluids, I still get dehydrated and then adding a squirting session and I’m seriously dehydrated. Caffeine and alcohol are both dureticts and can increase your dehydration.

Other accessories? What do you have already?

We used a glass dildo and a clit sucker.

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Cor now that is intriguing! Yes then I’d maybe say electrolytes could help but even them salt tablets or dehydration sachets you get when on holiday and have sunstroke or serve dehydration.

Maybe even if you was to ask at the pharmacy that you keep getting all the effects of dehydration and say the stuff you’ve tried what has or hasn’t worked, then they’d be able to recommend something better.

I know one of my high school teachers who would run marathons said lucozade was what they’d drink before or after a run

Great points, thanks for that!

Coconut water is also a great electrolyte