Hi guys, right, years and years I've been trying to learn how to squirt!! Recently I've noticed I can feel a gushing feeling like water pouring out of me when my husbands fingers my gspot with the come hither me motion. I read online that some women squirt and some waterfall. Is this right? I've watched every video going and so has my husband but we are so jealous of people because I just cant do it! I worry that it's because I have kidney and bladder problems and it's all next to each other if that makes sense lol I was reading threads tonight and I noticed some people saying that they get their other halves to pull their fingers/the toy out at a certain moment and it makes it squirt? Is this something I could try? When he fingers my gspot its ridiculously intense, I have multiple orgasms constantly over and over so I know hes definitly doing something right Haha Any advice would be great, thank you!

What are you actually trying to achieve? Technically there is a difference between squirting (which is a clear fluid that comes from the urethra) and female ejaculation/gushing (which is a a diluted white colour, think rinsing a glass that’s had milk in it, and comes out through the vagina). The terms can be used very interchangeably and are often confused. But, to be honest, the definitions don’t make all that much difference if you are enjoying your sex life and what your body does.

Regardless of which one you are doing/aiming for, there isn’t actually any evidence that shows every vulva owner can do this. It could also be that you do produce ejaculatory fluid, you just don’t expel it. However, if you are saying you are feeling fluid coming out of you, then this suggests you are doing it.

For some people, squirting/gushing/whatever will be a large volume of fluid, for some it will be a trickle, for some it will simply run out, for some it will create more of a fountain. I would be a little wary of videos, particularly porn ones but even some educational ones too. Although they may give good info, the performance can often be fake due to the pressures of making it look appealing on camera. I’m not saying that it is always faked, but I wouldn’t put pressure on yourself to emulate something you’ve seen on camera

The pulling the fingers/toy out at the right moment thing is less about technique and more about practicality. You need to be stimulate for long enough to achieve vaginal squirting but the toy or fingers will be blocking the exit for the fluid. If you squirt with the toy or fingers inside then the fluid is just going to trickle out through any small gaps or potentially end up being reabsorbed. The actual pulling out is unlikely to cause you to squirt, it may just make it look like a champagne bottle popping if timed with the fluid being pushed out

Otherwise, the generic advice of make sure you are plenty hydrated, work on and maintain your kegal muscles and try not to focus too much on it in the moment

So I spent years in your position and got nowhere. I only started being able to squirt after I'd given up trying. My husband was very sneaky, in carrying on working on me squirting without me really realising.

Once I was able to do it, and once I kept myself suitably relaxed, I can do it more often. But the pressure of trying to do it seemed to stop me doing it. I have to say you seem to be putting even more pressure on yourself than I did.

I would also re-emphasise what was said above - it appears not all women can squirt, so you may be one of the unlucky ones.

As for how he does it, I don't really know. It feels a bit like you said, but I don't want to know in detail in case my body stops co-operating with him.

We've found fingers a bit further in beyond the g spot can cause what you desire, though there's then "quite a bit inside" but worth a try?

Thanks everyone, I must say I felt the gush sort of feeling after I stopped thinking about trying so maybe I need to stop trying again lol. We didnt care for years and our sex life was still amazing, we are luckier than a lot I know that for sure lol but after I friend told me that they squirted for the first time ever and had never even tried I got quite jealous 🤦‍♀️🤣