Mrs tj here - hoping some of you ladies can offer me a bit of advice.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr tj and I were having some toy assisted fun and as I reached orgasm I felt a bit of a gush and it seemed I squirted a little at the moment just before climax. I felt a little self conscious but after reassurance from Mr tj I thought nothing more of it. Until this afternoon when I popped upstairs for a little solo fun and it happened again but on a slightly larger scale, more of a large gush.

Honestly, I'm a little freaked out about it and given the choice I'd find a way of stopping it happening but since that isn't an option I'm wondering if any of you have been through similar experiences or had similar thoughts and how you moved on from them? Even googled 'ways to stop squirting'.

I really hate the term squirting lol

Reading your post took me back to the 1st time this ever happened to me, I almost leapt off the bed thinking I had actually wet myself.

Prior to my husband I had barely experienced an orgasm with a man never mind squirting (I hate the term too), I can't say I was ok with it straight away because it took a while or me to relax about it...now I just go with it and enjoy the intensive experience it gives. Initially,

I use to tense up which totally destroyed the pleasure or the orgasm which left me feeling so frustrated, remember this is perfectly normal and a sign your buttons are being pressed in all the right ways.

Hope this helps x

I totally understand what your going through before I met my now husband it happened to me twice and I was so freaked out both times! After meeting my husband it's just a natural part of our sex life. It did take some getting used to tho. I still get self conscious about it especially if it happened when he is giving oral. But he always assures me that he loves it and it's such a turn on for him. It also feels amazing so focus on that I suppose. The worst part is the mess 😜 I know it can feel weird when it first starts to be a regular thing but try to embrace it and relax.

My wife has learnt to squirt in the last year on the odd occasion. Se says it feels like she's gonna pee. She let's go now and when she ejaculates it's a hell of a lot of creamy cum. I love it as it tastes so good..