How big does a dick have to be to make her squirt any tips Thank you

I think everyone is different and what makes one woman squirt may not work for the next person. There is a guide on the blog that may help you https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/blog/2009/09/29/julie-peasgood-sex-tips-september-29/

There are many threads in squirting if you have a look which will give you lots of tips. Penis size doesn’t have much to do with it.

Have you squirt before


Squirting/Gushing can take time its not all about the sex and every woman is different.

it is NOT about "dick" size to me... it is about the propery stimulation which can sometimes be achieved easier and better with fingers. Tons of threads on how to help a parnter get there on here that will be helpful! Good luck hun

Only toys have made me Squirt, never a penis

Some people can and some people can't but i dont think it has nothing to do with the penis length or girth, try fingering (2 or 3 fingers) in a fast 'come here' motion. Good luck

Only toys do it for me. Can't actually squirt with anything inside me.