Hey guys, i feel weary writing this as its a giant step out of my comfort zone but I am really curious about squirting. My OH is really into it and I can see that he really wants to try but I’m not sure how to do it or even if I can do it. What advise would you give to me please? If he’s into it then I’m willing to try just like to know what I’m expecting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There’s lots of topics on squirting on here so have a search and you’ll find plenty to read.

Generally though, the best advice I can give is not to put too much pressure on yourself. Going in with the attitude of “I’m trying to squirt” will almost guarantee that you won’t. There are various techniques that you can use, all ultimately involved being relaxed, comfortable and enjoying yourself, so only do those that will be pleasurable for you.

We actually don’t know if all women can squirt (be that be able to make the fluid at all or expel it from their bodies). Often once someone has done it a couple of times, it becomes much easier to do regularly.

Most of what we know about squirting (how to and what it is etc) comes from people sharing their experiences rather than scientific study.

When people talking of “squirting”, sometimes they mean actual squirting other times they mean gushing, sometimes they don’t know there is a difference. Essentially:

Squirting is a clear liquid that comes out the urethra. You can squirt with or without an orgasm. Clitoral or g spot stimulation (or both) can work for this.

Gushing is a milky coloured liquid that comes from inside the vagina. You need to orgasm do this and generally g spot stimulation is the best way to go.

Neither is necessarily better than the other. Also just because some squirts/gushes, it doesn’t mean the orgasm is better.


Thankyou so much. Nice to learn about it from someone else other than me looking on Google.

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The pressure of doing something because you are trying to please a partner will, as the oracle above put it, render any efforts less likely to succeed. Forget about trying specifically to squirt, focus instead of different types of pleasure (if you normally prefer clit stim, explore your g-spot more, for example). As far as I’m aware, no one knows if all women can squirt or not. Relax, explore, give up on it ever happening, and bingo, you might get a puddle of surprise!

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Is it possible to squirt without realizing it? When I’ve masturbated and had a great orgasm (legs shaking involuntarily), I’ve found my sheets are really wet.
In all the books I’ve read, they make it sound like you feel almost like you’re going to pee or that your hand will get drenched. Neither of those fit my experience. :confused: Am I just really sweaty?


What you describe is what my GF experiences too. She doesn’t feel the pee sensation before, and at times only knows she’s feeling great - unless I say something or she feels/see a big wet patch. I am 99.9% certain in our case it’s not an instant sweat moment based on the experience.
I’d be interested to hear educated thoughts around this, as there is definitely a clear liquid expelled, what @Calie refers to as squirting rather than gushing (I never realised was a difference myself). Sometimes it has been like a little fountain, others it’s just there rather than being pushed out with force. Can tell I’m make with the wording and terminology :slight_smile:
If this happens for her before orgasm, it seems to frustrate her at times and orgasm takes longer to achieve.
Its funny how I think I have a reasonable understanding of things, and then realise I still know very little indeed ha ha

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Yea it is definitely possible. You may not get the need to pee feeling at all or you may miss it if you are caught up in the orgasm or it’s build up.

As for a wet hand, that’s going to depend on where your hand and if it is in the firing line, how much fluid you produce and whether it comes out like a popped champagne cork or just a trickle or something in between.

@Mr_Kink1 yeah that sounds likes she is squirting. The distinction between squirting and gushing isn’t really all that important when it comes down to it, it is just useful to know when trying to do either for the first time. The terminology also gets mixed up a lot and different people use different words so it can be helpful just to pick it apart a little.

I do agree with her about squirting before orgasm though. Everything starts to build towards orgasm but the squirt almost acts as like a safety release valve, so I have to rebuild the orgasm


Thanks vm, awesome to get such great info!
And yeah the frustration sets her back further with head stuff too, so it can be tough. As far as I’m concerned its more play time, longer build up and hopefully more intensity.
All is good though, and love learning through here and with experiences of course.

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Thank you so much! Sex wasn’t exactly a taboo topic growing up but my parents are very conservative Christians. Any discussions focused on anatomical aspects only and abstinence.

Private parochial school meant I had 1 day of sex Ed before graduation. After finding LoveHoney today, I already feel more comfortable with my body!


I’ve made my wife squirt in the doggy position. It’s difficult to describe but I’ll try. I was deep inside and kind of moved myself in an upward motion so my penis was stimulating her gspot. It’s not always the result of course and if am being honest I probably did that through luck. But it’s worth a try. The doggy position is one of the best and your OH male partner can go deep and doesn’t need much movement to bring the woman off

Aren’t they referring to it as coital incontinence these days?

Medically it’s often discussed as Female Ejaculation resulting in a small amount of whitish secretion as orgasm, and squirting with larger amount of diluted and/or changed urine. CI can be linked to the latter though not exclusively, it would seem.

I also understand that it’s the closest a woman can get to what a male orgasm feels like