Stag night help

I’ve got a stag night at the weekend and we’re all going as girls. Right down to a bra but I’ve a problem. All my friends have moobs but I’m so slim I’ve got nothing. Any ideas of anything I can use which will look fairly realistic shape size to use for one night? Although my bra I’d quite revealing the dress should be ok to cover myself st of me

Go for a moulded or padded cup - e.g. anything that says boost or 2 sizes bigger will be very padded so keep its shape regardless of whether youre filling it.
Choose the correct back size (measured in inches where the band of the bra goes) but a smallish cup size (eg a b cup). If you want the appearance of bigger breasts choose a larger cup and stuff it with tissue or whatever.

Make up.

Swear down, have a look on YouTube at how the drag queens do it

Get 4 baloons, use one balloon inside the other, fill with Flour until they are the size you want. Don’t rip them indoors, big mess!

Thanks. I’ve got the makeup sorted.

never thought of a padded or moulder bra though I might give it some packing too

You could throw the padding idea out the window and be the one representing the smaller breasted lady ;) Boobs are awesome, all shapes and sizes.