Stained Glass ? Thoughts on a postcard please…

This window belongs to a property in our village and we pass it fairly regularly when we walk doggo.

What are your thoughts? Did the homeowner request a flower and the glazier had a laugh, or did they simply ask for a stained-glass penis that may pass as a flower when the vicar pops round? Could it even be a secret signal that there are some high-class swinging activities taking place?

Thoughts on a postcard please…

Clickety Click

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I dont particularly see a :eggplant:

I definitely can see :eggplant::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Says a lot how my mind works doesn’t it :smirk:

Looks very phallic to me!


I see an ornate metal icing syringe…

(But I do love cake…and I do have one. I guess creamy goodness IS squirted out of it too)



:rofl: Must be intentional surely?! Or do I really just spend too much time on LH?


A secret sex club sign I reckon :laughing:

Imagery done with a lean towards a more phalic style isn’t exactly an uncommon thing, and can be found in quite a few places depending on how hard you look / how easily you notice these things :wink:

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Defo a swingers house :rofl: