Sterilisation and perception of sex

I ask this because I grew up knowing my creation was a mistake "the best mistake I ever made " in the words of my mum who was a teenage mum. Fast forward a lot of years it gave me a fear of unplanned pregnancy. I would often spend hours punching my stomach if I thought the pills or condom have failed with my boyfriend. Couldn't talk to anyone about it at the time.

I concieved with difficulty on my late 20's completely flipping from a fear of pregnancy to a motivation to get pregnant, then after a second pregnancy and resulting with complications with my pregnancy, and birth I then went back into fear mode. So as a final solution I decided to be sterilised hoping it would help me loosen up about sex and save my marriage (it didn't save my marriage but I've certainly loosened up)

up until last month I was single, I learned a lot about my sexuality and found myself a boyfriend who has a high sex drive and I find mine is now also favourably high too. I'm not being reckless but I use no form of contraception at all with my bf, he chooses to withdraw still although it's not necessary. But has anyone else been sterilised for similar reasons? I have no regrets, I have a boy and a girl with the same dad. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I fell pregnant with both my daughters whilst being on the pill. We did want children and were delighted with both pregnancies but as you can imagine, it was a bit of a shock ! I had difficult labours both times and was told that if I got pregnant again delivery would have to be by c-section, however, as I have other quite serious health issues this was considered a major risk. I made the decision to be steralised as I'm 6 years older than my oh and should we ever split up he would still be young enough to start a family with someone else. Other forms of contraception were not suitable. I dont regret it for a minute - the op was done 20 years ago and we've not had to worry about contraception since :)

And I have 2 beautiful grown up daughters who mean the world to me :) 

I used to always worry about getting the Mrs pregnant at an unwanted time. I've had the snip now and it hasn't even entered my head for years now, it's much more relaxed. We previously used to use the pill but I always had that fear. As soon as we had our planned number of children I got done, didn't find it scary at all, some of my friends are terrified of getting done! I keep telling them but they don't listen!

I wanted my ex to have it done, there would have a lot less complications (I had to wait for my thyroid to be stable before they would do the op) but either way I feel much happier about enjoying sex knowing that pregnancy risk is off the agenda

Surgery complications scare me to death and i'd never have general anasthetic or a epidural so i'll stick to my implant, i have PCOS so i have at least a lowered fertility anyway. I'm pro choice with no issues with having an abortion, so i wouldn't have any guilt over having one in the very unlikely event i get pregnant. I would never expect or suggest a partner had a vasectomy either, as no matter how certain we were our relationship was permanant you never know, and they may regret the decision later in the event of a new partner who wants children.

I was sterilised during my section having my second child and not having to worry about taking a pill every day or bleeding to death on the implant is a godsend. I do sometimes regret being sterilised but when my kids are bickering like cat and dog I'm kinda glad I did...

i had the snip 30 years ago, the only down side is when you meet someone new is the hasle of using condoms until you are sure where the relation ship is going, but a least i havent needed condoms for ten years all though now thinking about full blown anal so they might have a place soon