Stockings for tall women

Hi, some advice please. Last time I bought my OH stockings they were from LH, and didn’t fit properly, they were her size but she’s tall and they didn’t come up high enough. Looking to buy some more, and can’t find a “tall” range

Going up a size normally works for me. I'm 6'2" and by getting the larger size, they will actually stretch higher up the leg. As they stretch, the legs get more narrow so they don't fit too loose. If she has very skinny legs there may be some excess material at the top of the stocking. But that's not usually the case.

I tend to get larger size in stockings...I'm 5ft 11" and a clothes size 14/16. I find one size are too short so go for the plus size in hold ups and stockings haven't had any issues at all.

I’m 5 11” and always try to buy a larger size if possible,in both stockings and hold-ups.I prefer them a bit longer, rather than feeling you are wearing long socks. So be warned all you guys buying stockings for Valentine’s Day gifts!

Thanks for all the advice.. I wanted to get some in nude, but they all seem to be one size unfortunately.

Asda George opaque hold up stockings are thigh high even on the tallest of legs, especially the L/XL size, although hold ups you can still attach to suspender belt if you like.