2 questions here:

For bedroom use only or day to day wear too?

Hold ups or stockings with belt?

Asking for a friend 😜

Defo for bedroom use - spend all day in work trousers and steel toe caps!!!

I prefer hold ups - hubby prefers suspenders, so a mix of both.


Bedroom only as my legs chafe and chafe and chafe. I prefer holdups out the two.

Third question - for bedroom use do they stay on throughout?

Hold ups, only in the bedroom (same problem, chafing, ouch), yes, on throughout

OH wears both in the bedroom. She prefers hold ups as as she finds it fiddly with the belt and attachments.

For day to day wear she has tights or leggings.

I'm going to try and wear my stockings day to day soon, it's too much work to put them on for bedroom use only plus it makes me feel very sexy just thinking about wearing them all day so why not? I'm not a huge fan of hold-ups though, those things barely ever stay where they belong when I wear them so it has to be stockings worn with a suspender belt for me. I also prefer to keep them on in the bedroom, there's just something very erotic about that.. :)

I wear them on a night out if I wear a dress but I haven't been out in over 2 years! Now bedroom use only. I keep them on with heels I like both hold ups and suspender belt equally.

I'm also a chaffy lady, I swear if I ran my thighs would burst into flames.

I prefer holdups as I can't be doing with the suspenders pinging off all of the time. I sometimes wear them all day but in the summer I prefer bare legged and I mostly wear a skirt or a dress and stockings would look silly with a summer skirt/dress. I wear them mainly in the bedroom and yes I keep them on as hubby loves them.
For those with chafing issues I feel your pain I use to suffer with this when I was bigger. I found a solution when wearing stockings or bare legs with no chafing - Mitchum roll on deodorant, just roll on where you chafe and leave to completely dry and I never suffered again and I didn't have to apply anymore all day 😀

Thanks for all your responses guys. Seems keeping em on is the norm and not just my thing!

I wear stockings or hold ups all day when I have the opportunity, but some of my skirts are too short, and suspender clips can show bulges through tight fitting clothes so I dont wear them 100% of the time.

I like both, as long as they fit well. Stockings with suspenders are definitely better for staying on and in place for longer or more energetic periods :) I find hold ups often roll down a little, showing the silicone band, which annoys me.

I wear them as often and as long as possible for playtime. Occasionally, I've been with someone who prefered me to be naked. Always a disappointment.

I don't really go anywhere to wear them during the day, so bedroom use only for me.

I prefer hold ups purely because I find it difficult to find belts with short enough suspender straps to work with my height. I keep them on during a session unless I get overheated then I have to remove them :)

I wear them for both day and night, out and about, for nights out, work or at home, and pretty much exclusively wear stockings with a 6 strap suspender belt. As a general rule, I hate hold ups (except Kix'ies.... They're amazing).

In our house they are used only for the bedroom, and then a combo of hold-ups and stockings / belt.

They always make it through the whole session and are never abandoned mid way unless roll-down occurs.

My wife wears the full kit for going out on posh/special ocassions under a dress /skirt and when she feels sexy for the bedroom .She isn't keen on hold ups .

I just drop dead when she wears those in conjunction with a female student out fit

My wife wears hold ups and stockings with belt, but only in bedroom. I have nothing against it!

Bedroom use (they stay on throughout) or out for days when my confidence needs a little pick-me-up. I'd say I slightly prefer suspenders, but it really depends on my mood.

For bedroom use only or day to day wear too?

- Bedroom use, I like to wear something as a mix-up or surprise every now & then

Hold ups or stockings with belt?

- Both, it depends on my mood really and what I decide to wear with them

For bedroom use do they stay on throughout?

- Never, they come off after 10/15 minutes, as much as I love wearing them they get too warm on & I'd rather not rip them ^_^

lovingnewtoys wrote:

Defo for bedroom use - spend all day in work trousers and steel toe caps!!!

I prefer hold ups - hubby prefers suspenders, so a mix of both.


Third question - defo stay on throughout xxxx

Bedroom use only, but I'd love to gather up the courage to wear them out in public.

Hold ups or suspenders? Why not both? But if I had to choose, hold ups for sure ^.^