straight guys;....

I'm wondering if there are any straight men (men who consider selves heterosexual, and whose shared sexual experiences have only ever been with women) whose interest in -- and curiosity derived from -- anal play with sextoys may have somehow led them into checking out the REAL thing; ie, being on the receiving end of a real penis? if so, how was it?

Well, that would have been me I guess, until I tried the real thing :-)

It was like losing my virginity all over again! Just thinking about it now is making me hot. Holding a real cock for the first time was amazing. It was harder and hotter that I expected. And I just adored my first time sucking a guy off. Couldn't get enough. Dildos and vibrators are great, but the real thing is even better!

Thanks for that. Sounds nice. It's hard to imagine, in my mind anyhow, that the real thing wouldn't be a galaxy apart. I mean, that thing does belong to another person. I was thinking my question might not get any response at all. And I'd be lying if I said my thoughts haven't ranged to the sort of details you offer, but you do understand my mention of anal play was quite purposeful; my curiosity really does center around THAT particular act, what a real one would feel like THERE, and what it might be like to give myself to -- and share that experience with -- another man.

It's like this; if I'm THIS overwhelmed by sensation and emotion with just a dildo, it's almost too much to consider the possibilities that could be wrought by real, smooth, slick, throbbing, sensate flesh, slowly moving inside me, swelling in response to my involuntary squeezing, my flesh willingly accommodating the glorious intrusion, the mind-blowing give and take of finding and exploring ALL the right rhythms and moves in our erotic tango, the shared murmurs, sighs, and gasps that must surely accompany the dance...... sorry for getting carried away. I hope this isn't disgusting to anyone, but these thoughts do loom more and more, and it almost seems there's an inevitability to this. So what's it really like, boys and/or girls, the real thing?

Your excitement is natural! From my own experience, anal play with dildos is exciting because of both the sensation and also the visual stimulation of seeing something that looks like a penis slide inside me. I don't know about you, but I always get an extra kick out of arranging a mirror so I can see all the action.

The first dildo I had was hand held. A big step up was buying a suction cup dildo because it allowed me to enjoy hands free action which adds to the reality. But just you wait until you try the real thing, it'll blow your socks off!

Think of it this way - if you try and tickle yourself it doesn't work. If someone else tickles you it feels very different. It's the same with a dildo versus a real cock.

My own first time was a real eye opener. Being bent over on all fours waiting to experience a real cock for the first time was just delicious, and the anticipation was almost too much to bear. I cant tell you the number of times I'd looked at porn pics of guys bent over with their back arched downwards and their ass in the air about to receive a long hard cock and wished it was me.

From the first nudge against my eager hole the feeling was quite different from a dildo. The heat and the texture are not the same as a rubber dildo. A real cock feels alive, twitching, natural. It was also more slippery somehow, perhaps because of the condom. The biggest difference was not having to make the moves myself. When someone else fucks you all you have to do is close your eyes and enjoy the pleasure, unlike handling a dildo yourself. I loved not knowing what strokes or moves he was going to make next. I also discovered that I adore feeling a pair of hands hooked arond my thighs, pulling me onto a cock on every stroke. That's just so sexy. We both came together and I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he erupted.

I've read your reviews (nice!) and from what you say I think you'd love the real thing, so all I can say is try it, you have nothing to lose. Best to try and find someone who is experienced in giving anal though if you want a good first experience. Some newbies are too rough. I reckon that people who like taking anal are the best at giving - they know what it's like on the receiving end, and understand the need to take time.

Have fun! Let me know how you get on - I'd be genuinely interested to hear how it goes for you.

Wow! That's one very hot account there, but I'm not surprised at all. I guess I already KNOW it must be fantastic (without really knowing), and as you suggest, that I would indeed love it. I also know I want it to happen; I've come to accept that much. I realize I just need to have the courage to act on these impulses, and take the next step, biggie though it is. I appreciate your interest, encouragement, and your advice about a partner even if I'm not quite sure how to manage that part of it. by the way, how big was that first one?

The first cock I had was a bit smaller than mine. I'd already given him anal and he was returning the favour :-)

The guy was circumcised and about seven inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Or in other words, the national average according to what I've read. Some of the dildos I play with are much larger, and I do enjoy the feeling of huge things in my ass (width more than length). Sometimes though I just enjoy something smaller and less demanding. So his cock wasn't painful or a challenge for me. It was pleasure all the way! Just talking about it now is making me want to go and find a dildo to play with...

What about you - do you get more excitement from longer or wider? Which dildo is your favourite right now?


truther - I forgot to say before, I found your reviews pretty useful so you now have some positive votes against them :-)

Hmmmm, from what I've read, heard, etc, 7" of length is above average; seriously, in the States you'll typically read that 6 is the number, and maybe a fraction high at that. whatever the case, it would appear that YOUR endowment places YOU quite comfortably in the gifted class. so now you're really starting to make me squirm. I'm guessing the other guy -- in his turn -- quickly came to realize he'd truly hit the jackpot. lucky bastard! did you get him off that way, too?!!!

not to be either teasing or too forward, but if my most vivid fantasies were wholly scripted/staged, I have to confess that it sounds like what you're packing there is almost precisely what I'd write to go between my cheeks. big IS a turn-on after all, and something that size wielded by a talented, attentive, sensitive user would be a proper challenge for sure (and trust me, I'd want it to take a good long while), but once I accommodated it, I just know I'd go absolutely crazy on it, every which way, all night long.

as concerns toys, I do like a blend of length and girth. two inches of width is plenty (though I've enjoyed a couple of slightly greater dimension); that's a nice stretch but not intimidating or inhibiting, and I love to be able to really move and groove. something much thicker than that probably quashes the abandon I crave, though I've got to think it would be do-able AND feel pretty incredible to try to take a super thick real one. length is interesting. I do like it pretty deep, but the monster ones I've tried were also so ridiculously thick or so unappealing texturally that I was completely put off. almost anything that's texturally nice feels really good up there, but once it gets to 8" or so, I'm really getting what I need. more later.

I've only got one at the moment, the Homeboy by TSX. It's a bit rubbery and quite firm, and while it's certainly not the best thing I've felt texturally, it's nice enough, and I'm VERY into the size. It's about 8.25 insertable and probably 1.5 wide, but with a rather prominent and well defined head. It's a pretty amazing thing to sit on either forward or back. It seems very durable, too. And thanks for the votes.

so........what do you think?

i have tried anal play but never felt even remotely tempted to be with another man. Sorry guys I know its a blow for you!!!!