straight leg orgasms anyone?

O.k so I did think it a little odd that I could orgasm quicker and harder straightening my legs than relaxing them, but I didn't really think about other women doing the same thing until my partner mentioned it when we first got together.."ooh another straight legged orgasmer gal hey?!", then I began to think I wasn't so strange after all, and wondered about other women who find it harder to peak with relaxed legs.

So i'm just wondering, how many more lovely ladies have this too?!

I'd appreciate any tips for getting out of this habit, it's just so hard when the orgasms are far more delicous with straightened legs!

Ha, what a charmer your partner is!!

Why would you want to get out of a "delicious" habit?! It's not as if you're doing anything repulsive is it? I'm fairly sure it's something to do with muscle contractions during your orgasm that makes it feel nice, it's only the same as tensing yourself against your man when you come.

Just enjoy it! x

giggle. i know, he wasn't very tactful when we first got together bless him.

Hmm this is true, the orgasms are nicer but it just makes it harder to orgasm during sex.

I'm a guy, but I went through a phase where my legs went absolutely mental when I came...

I'm a male and often do it.... I also like to how my feet feel when rubbed against something like a pillow during sex/oral/masturbation, there is nothing erotic about it, it just helps me cum.

I only mention feet because I think I heard that the genitals run along the same nerve as the feet, maybe this has something to do with how much easier I, you and others find it to cum when tensing our legs. I could however be completely wrong.

I wouldn't worry about it, I doubt he minds and if you're not sure ask him. Alot of men would probably not mention anything if they were bothered by it.

i find my body sort of cenches when i come, or i end up with my legs straightening anyway. It does tend to make it more intense though,

my legs straighten alot, so much i often get cramp which is a bit of a dampener but hey, it's worth it ;]

sorry for the double post, but i was going to say, my legs only tend to straighten when i have a clitoral orgasm as opposed to a g-spot one. i dont know why this is? maybe someone could shed some light?

I always find that if My legs are straight and tight against my boyfriends body I always come. Whereas' when they are wrapped around him, bend etc its maybe only 10% of the time.

I find that it makes it much tigher and helps hit your g-spot as well. Just like have doggy or spooning with your legs closed.

My partner is supportive and inventive luckily and will do anything to make me orgasm which helps. It's just nice to know that i'm not the only one who has to keep their legs straight!

I am also in the straight leg gang! I always lock my knees when I orgasm and think I have pretty much ruined my knees and will need knee replacements by the time I am 40!

My legs often straighten and tense too during orgasm, so count me in the gang too


Thinking back, when I'm trying to quicken up a blow job I do tense up, it does seem to speed things along. Cumming is pretty much a muscle spasm so I suppose its like cocking the gun!

If it works & you like, why worry? It's not like you need a canary in a bin liner on your head to 'butter the goose' is it? I don't think you need a shrink just yet!

My girlfriend's legs straighten, tense up during orgasm every time. I'm sure I once read that this is the same principle as when the muscles strain against ropes during bondage whilst coming.

hmm there's an idea..

Whenever i masturbate, i have to have straight legs to orgasm, and i still dont know why, but when im with my partner, i dont straighten my legs, but find it more of a chore to cum at times, perhaps if i were to straighten my legs, id be able to cum easier, hmmm, what a great idea! Woo! ^_^

I say keep the straightened legs! *nods*

x x x

I do sometimes like to fold my legs under me, tension of another sort !!!


I always tense up my buttocks and thighs when I want to speed up my orgasm with or without my boyfriend, however when he makes me come I end up inadvertently straightening my legs hihihi and given I have rather strong legs he has to fight me to keep rubbing me, funny huh?

It's quite a natural reaction judging from everyone's contribution ;)

I think I'll try one leg straight and one leg bent next time.

All in the name of science!

I also find that I get more intense orgasms if I have my legs down and straight... but they are different to the other type.. My hubby seems to know just before I am going too and he says its from my thighs tightening a bit.