Straight Men and Anal Play Thoughts

Hi, so i'm wondering what people think about straight men and anal play. Do you guys think there's anything wrong with it and do any women pleasure their OH through anal play?

I personally enjoy it but don't do it very often and would love to experiment more with my girlfriend. I think if we both did it then she would feel more relaxed and open to the idea of anal too.

What are your thoughts? Weird for straight men to do or awesome and everyone should do it?

Not at all! Im sure there are alot of threads on this if you search. I think that its quite common. Estpecially being that the mans prostate is such a pleasure spot. Personally i wasnt sure what to think at first but went with it when my OH asked me to play with his ass when i was giving him a BJ now i get super tunred on by it. I love to hear the effect im having on him. I love to be able to watch it etc. So No i dont think its weird. I think you should definatley talk about it with your OH and have fun!

Side note she may very well become more interested in anal play as well i agree with that statement! Its a vulnarable situation and i think she (potentially) could be more open to it if she sees that you are open to it too!

Everyone who wants to do should! However encouraging a partner that's not that thrilled at the prospect is another matter.

Comunication is key to get a partner involved. Anal play isn't weird at all, it's bloody fantastic. Why do some straight guys always have this thing, I'm straight but want something in my ass worry! No one will ever think you're anything else because you like it or want it! It's no big deal, it's all pleasure and when you guys hit the G-spot! ....well enough said! :)

I was very wary of it at first, that was until my OH starting to tease my anus - the feeling was amazing and it wasn't long until I encouraged her to put her finger in.

I've since invested in a butt plug which we love to use on me and the feeling when I cum is fantastic, really hits the spot.

Don't knock it till you've tried it, love having something there now.

Given that your g spot is up your bum, go for it! Why shouldn't you get as much pleasure from yourself as you can?!

I enjoyed anal play for a long time before telling my wife bout it. Eventually, after a lot of consulting the gorgeous Lovehoney people, I spoke to her. She is not up for adding it to our sexual endeavours, but is happy for me to keep to anal play.
So glad I finally spoke to her about it, it helped open up our honesty and trust with regards our sex lives.
There is nothing wrong with anal play, if you enjoy it, do it. If she is not up for it, it doesn't stop self play.
Good luck.

Have to say, my partner is a straight man and we just took the plunge, so to speak, yesterday. It was my idea to be honest and he's come round to it. It is honestly one of the most exciting and fun experiences to have with a partner in my opinion and he's absolutely converted.x

Just remember, whilst your brain may be in some way different to a gay man's, your bum is exactly the same.

So why wouldn't you enjoy it?

Quite a recent convert actually. Find I don't need deep penetration or anything too girthy. Mere stimulation of the area with slight insertion of something slim and " buzzy " does it for me. early days though.

My OH loves it, really can't get enough of it! It's a massive turn on when I can feel him/hear him getting closer & closer.. But it's completely down to you I guess! I was unsure on it my self but you can't knock it til you've tried it!

Not at all weird but obviously a preference. I love my wife using toys analy on me'fisting me and also pegging me. We do it an awful lot in fact all the time and I know that it really does turn her on massiveley as well, not just visually but with seeing how much I love her f***** me and how dominant she feels when doing it to me. It produces some amazing orgasms and being milked by her is fantastic.

If I was to believe only gay men enjoy anal penetration then I would be a gay man 😉 I know how good it feels so why on earth would I not want other people, whatever their gender or sexuality, to enjoy what I do (if they want to, of course)? I am not personally comfortable with pleasuring partners through anal play but if it was something a regular partner really enjoyed, I might consider using a dildo/vibe on them occasionally. It isn't a situation I have been in so I can't say for certain whether it would be something I would become more comfortable with or something I would hate and never try again. I wouldn't mind if they wanted to use anal toys on themselves during sex though.

Hello! I do not think there's anything wrong with a straight man enjoying anal play. I've only done things to my partners bum twice, but his moaning and whimpering tells me everything I need to know. It can be extremely pleasurable for a man as that is where his p spot is! I think if it's something you want to try, then go for it.

if ur girl has a vagina,,,and u wanna stick it up her bum,,,theres something wrong there..

ive tried it a few times and its good,,,the females didnt enjoy it much so didnt do it again,,if they enjoyed it the same as vaginal theres no prob..

theres like 3 men to 1 women in the world nowadays,,slim pickings for some=)

Not wrong or strange or weird at all. Nothing to do with identifying as straight or gay. Anal play in and of itself doesn't make one gay, sexual attraction to the same sex makes one gay.

Hi my lovely lady had joked about playing with my back door and slight pegging remarks and had spent time lurning what I liked when it came to my back door and it was her who told me that I would love it and I've got to say she was so right. We started with an anal probe slightly beaded and that felt amazing espealy if I was coming as the intestacy was so amazing I loved every bit of it then we got an anal vibe then went for the red Ryder starter kit and wow the whole thing really got me going. The main thing is we talked about it and evern the fact that it was her who started this she felt a little odd At times because it was the whole role reversal but that passed fast as we reassured one another and it felt so amazing talking is key don't rush or push just let her no how you feel and give her time to think about it. If it's what you want then you must talk about what you want honesty is the most important thing as living with something you want and you cannot talk about it will affect you both if the idea is no at least you no and as you are being open with the whole situation then it might help your partner to understand as its ok for straight men to love anal play. I wish you both the best and hope that all works out how you both would like to.