Strange comment during sex

So me and the wife were out to celebrate a special event last night and had a few drinks. When we got home we had a little more to drink, but neither of us were that drunk.

We then proceed to go upstairs and she tries on some of the new LH body stockings I got her and then we start to mess around. We end up having some really great sex, and then to my surprise she goes to try and start round 2 by giving me some oral. This is rare, but she seemed to be almost insatiable last night which was pretty hot.

So we are fooling around a bit more and I’m fingering her to the point where she cums really hard. And then she opens her eyes and looks up at me, almost in a bit of surprise, and says, “Sorry I came with someone else in front of you.”

I was taken aback by this, so I say, “wait what?” but then it seems like she kind of shrugged it off and then we get back to fooling around some more until she eventually went to sleep.

So…any ideas on what the hell she was talking about? There’s a chance maybe I misheard her, but part of me thinks that maybe she was imagining someone else fingering her instead of me? If so, that would make me kind of sad, but at the same time I’d like to understand why and if there is some sort of need she has that isn’t being met. I don’t imagine anyone else when she and I are intimate, and I would be surprised if she did that as well. Maybe it was just weird drunk rambling (it’s possible she was more inebriated, we had the same amount to drink and she’s like 1/2 my size)?

I know the only way to know is to ask her about it, but I guess I’m wondering if it is worth bringing up. I know it would be if I couldn’t get past it and it gnawed away at me, but I’m just unsure how how I’m feeling. It was such a fun night together, but it feels tarnished because of that one moment.


It seems that the only way to solve this is to ask the question. It could be that you misheard, or it could have been mid orgasmic ramblings and was nothing coherent.
The long you think about it without asking, if you cannot let it go, the more you will build it up in your mind. That would not be good for your relationship.


Ask , believe me the longer you sit on a question the worse it gets and before you know it you are down a worst case scenario rabbit hole and will think the worst . Not good for either of you


You could broach the subject again, perhaps “what were you thinking about when I fingered you last night, you were very turned on - where you having a fantasy”. It is probably nothing and not worth making a big deal of but some subtle probing might put your mind at rest.


@GoGirl12 I really like that way of phrasing it. I think I’m just unsure of how to bring it up without sounding accusatory or shaming. We’re in a monogamous relationship and have been together for over a decade and are pretty open about stuff, so while I’m comfortable enough to approach her about this, I think I’m struggling to find the right way to bring it up.

If it’s really starting to play on mind then I’d defo try asking her about it for your own peace. She may say she can’t remember anything to shrug it off again thinking that way it won’t cause argument or upset but in hindsight there is quite a big average percentage of people who at times during hot sex have their imagination run wild with envisioning something like a celebrity crush which necessarily isn’t a bad thing as means you’ve pleasured them so good that they’re mind has floated into a place of bliss :slightly_smiling_face:

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@AJSTAR yeah, I think I’m nervous that if I bring it up she may not even remember having said it and then she’ll feel bad. We had A LOT of fun last night, so maybe that’s another way to frame it: hey, we had a lot of fun last night and you seemed more turned on than usual, was there anything different that made it better for you? I’m pretty sure you mentioned something while I was fingering you that sounded like maybe some sort of fantasy role play going on?


That sounds like a great way to bring it up with her as it’s casual asking with intrigue without sound like it’s bluntly poking lol
I do expect it’ll all be very innocent in what she replies with and the most part is to think what a fantastic night you both had :smiley:


So, I talked with my wife and it went the way I expected. I led with, “wow, last night was so much fun, you seemed really into it,” and then asked if she remembered saying what she said but that maybe I had misheard her.

She said she didn’t remember saying that and thought it was weird, but also said she was kinda drunk. I then asked if she is happy with things or if there is anything she thinks she needs in that area, but she said she’s good.

So, I guess chalking it up to random drunk rambling and moving on from it. She had also mentioned something last night about wanting to be better than someone else right when we were starting round two and she began to give me oral a second time to try and get me hard again, but I think she was conflating that with a discussion we had earlier in the night where I told her that on a sex advice subreddit some dude told his girlfriend that he preferred his ex’s vagina, and how that was such an awful thing to do to a partner.

So, yeah, maybe she was just more jumbled than I thought or realized :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the support and advice :heart:


My brain is the best at reading into things, making up stories in my own head, being pissed off about stuff I think is true and then having to do damage control when I find out none of it was actually what I thought it was.
It will eat you up and she likely said something about “I can’t believe I came like that in front of you…” or a variety of other things.
You may have awoken something in her that is only just a win for you. Don’t let it get in the way.


Glad you got resolved, upwards and onwards.

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Many many moons ago in the throws of deep ( really deep all the way in deep) I was in the gf house while getting to the vinigar stroke, she says “ I always wanted to decorate this bedroom” I got off and got dressed and basically :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: myself off home ! “ Where are you going she says “? “ If that’s all you can think of then I am not doing it right “! Least to say that was the last time lol :joy:

I’d be raging!

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Maybe she wanted you to decorate the bedroom with cum!

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Had a one night stand, and in the morning we had sex again. As she was on top she asked me ‘what’s my name?’ I had no clue but she kept asking and seemed to get off on the anonymity

@WillC mate if only that were true lol it never came close lol

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@JoCat it put a definite damper on it

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All sounds good to me, how do you feel now having had that talk with her? :slightly_smiling_face:

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@AJSTAR definitely feeling better about it. Thinking back on it, perhaps I was also a little more sauced than I realized too and so maybe there was just a general disconnect. I love my wife and just want her to be happy, so if there is some sort of fantasy or way I can make her feel good, I’d just be curious to know more about it. But I think it was likely just synapses firing oddly in the heat of the moment, as she was cumming quite hard at the time :sweat_smile:

Thanks for checking in :+1:

@roundedscrew yeah, I can definitely see how the anonymous thing could be really hot.