Strange sexual experiences

What’s the strangest sexual experience you’ve had? It could be before/during/after sex, masturbating, something you saw or heard, whatever.

I don’t think this question has been asked on here before so it could be fun. No kink shaming, please!

I’ll go first: I once had a girl (stranger at the club) tell me she wanted to have sex with me, but only if I recorded myself cumming on her face. I didn’t ask any questions and of course I did it. Afterwards I assumed she was probably looking to make an ex jealous or something. Still felt a little weird at the time though.

I have a stranger one - but I’ll let others set the tone before potentially telling that one.


I can’t think of anything strange but I’m sure a lot of people would deem my sexual antics as strange. Imma think on this.


Strangest for me was I’ve had a guy asking if I would walk on his back and head if he laid down in front of me! And on another occasion there was a guy requesting me to fart in his mouth :nauseated_face:

I of course turned them both down and said I needed to wash my hair :sweat_smile:


I once went out with a guy who kept going on about wanting a foot wank so after too many chats about what he wanted and rather too much alcohol, I said OK.

He wanted me to be naked, so I stripped off and he was erect in seconds. He lay on the carpet and I sat on a chair between his legs and gripping him between my feet, I started to rub him up and down. He ejaculated in less than 30 seconds and shot it all over the place. I started laughing at this funny scene and he just got embarrassed and dressed quickly leaving me naked and having to clean up his cum from the carpet.

That has to be the strangest sexual experience I’ve ever had. My husband thinks it extremely funny and ribs me occasionally about repeating the experience with him. :joy:


Oh yer grand, im sure they would at all.:grinning:

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Shoots and leaves…you sure he wasnt a Panda.:grin:

I’ve had a couple of weird ones.

When I was first with GF, she spent a lot of time trying to break me out of my shell. Which included going to a sex club / lesbian den. I was really self conscious about my large clit and labia, and GF liked to play with me in front of others. Sort of a way of teaching me that what I’ve got is actually attractive, at least to some girls. One night I was in her lap and rather exposed, and one of the girls who was watching really wanted me. REALLY wanted me. GF would have let me, but I wasn’t into it and the girl started taking out cash. I probably could have made several hundred bucks that night if I’d allowed that girl the “privilege” of licking me.

Another weird (and funny) one happened with my husband in the barn. He was deep inside me and I happened to look up and notice a pair of our outdoor cats less than 30 feet away doing the same thing in the same position. I got the giggles, and he looked up and noticed it too, and he started laughing. The cats heard the laughter, and both turned their heads to look at us with the strangest facial expressions, which made it even funnier. We had to totally restart our session after the cats decided to move on to a place without crazy laughing humans. :joy:

Well this is my strangest experience and nothing physical even took place. Montreal is a big producer of low-end amateur and budget fetish porn. Way back in the day when I was still involved in the industry I had a studio rent my property for the day to do several fetish shoots. They did some goth stuff, some body oiled up in the sunshine stuff, and some “messy” stuff. The messy stuff one was pretty much two naked women tied to a large tree with two others hitting them all over with cream pies and pouring various types of syrup on them. The one I never understood was the inflatables shoot which consisted of 4 naked women in my pool along with every inflatable pool toy known to mankind. There was nothing physical and no one touched each other at all. It was all about photos of these different women, holding onto, floating on, or throwing these different inflatables. I still don’t understand why some people would pay 19.95/month for that kind of content even after a bunch of searches on the topic.

BTW… for months afterward, both our dogs would run straight to the pie tree looking for more treats left behind.

My husband and I walked to the beach at night for a post night club stroll. We both looked at the big tall empty life guard chair and started grinning. I leave the rest to you.

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i guess it would be being pegged for the first time, a very strange feeling from both sides.

but ultimately enjoyable it turns out!

My finace had a go under the blechers at a Kiss concert. People saw them and stopped watching the stage and started cheering them on. I love that one.
He also had a go on a diving board at his apartment with a gal and it was three am and his neighbors were laughing clapping and cussing yelling. Appears the gal was a noisy one and when they were done they fell into the water and were laughing.

used to live in the countryside with my ex wife, one summer’s evening we went for a walk and on our way back found a bull servicing a cow - wifey became obviously very turned on by it and was feeling her own tits while we watched - and we ended up doing it in the same position on the living room floor a few minutes later and I had a huge orgasm up her


Well as fans of sploshing we are probably in the camp of others finding out kink stranger than anything else we’ve encountered!

Oh, you are treading a fine line there @ j712adrian but well done. I also live in the countryside but haven’t been turned on by any breading of animals other than perhaps I need to bread during the upcoming weekend. I totally get your post but there is a fringe group out there that may read it differently. Thanks for honestly sharing btw.

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Strangest that I’ve done was had an ex smother me with latex gloves while he played with my clit. That was a kink I didn’t know I had, that he definitely unlocked :joy:

Strangest thing that I’ve experienced, but didn’t act on for clearly legal reasons, I had a girl (I’m bi) tell me to invite my dog to our phone sex session. We didn’t speak again.